Buongiorno, delightful game-a-vores —

This week’s social media question comes from Dallas E Pinkworthy III:

“Hey, Griffins, where’s all your social stuffs?

What if you get caught in an embarrassing clinch with Angelina Jolie at some random game con? Y’know, after some spontaneous cat-suited(1) photo-call for Tomb Raider IXIV, or something? How will we find out? Shouldn’t WE, your friends, be able to mock you mercilessly, first?”

Well, that’s a good – if somewhat improbable – question, Dallas. In fact, we suspect you may be slightly jealous of our imagined clinches with million-dollar actresses performing as imaginary game-avatars and, quite frankly, are becoming suspicious that you, too, are also entirely fictional…

But, no matter. As long as you keep the paparazzi off our tail feathers, here’s a variety of links to all of our social media ‘tings. But shhhh, tell no one – only you and 169.3M other people can get this type of exclusive access:

BLAZINGGRIFFIN.COM: no free prize for you. You found it already.

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The Griffin

(1) Jeesh, that’s her in a cat-suit. Not us. HER!

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