QC & Delivery


For us, delivery starts at the very beginning. Our Post Production Managers will find out and document exactly what deliverables your project requires when we first start talking, so that nothing comes as a surprise. We’re experienced in UK DPP, Digital Cinema, and OTT service delivery specifications.


Throughout the post-production process, our expert Finishing Team ensure that your content conforms to all relevant standards. All potential flash or repetitive pattern issues are checked early to ensure a smooth delivery process. Then, once you have signed off both picture and sound and your Finishing Editor is satisfied, the file is handed over to Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance

We have extensive QC experience in-house, from full QAR operator inspection, to AQC using Telestream’s Vidchecker system, including photo-sensitive epilepsy tests and loudness standards. We quality control all content that passes through the facility.

Final Delivery

Once your content is signed off for delivery, it’s uploaded over our secure lease line to the recipient, who we’ll liaise with until we have confirmation of your file’s successful delivery and acceptance. We are certified for file delivery to all UK DPP Broadcasters, as well as Netflix and various other services, and have our own Signiant Mediashuttle server to host and send your deliverables anywhere globally.

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