This month we are proudly sponsoring The Rainbow Game Jam 16, a 2-week game jam to celebrate and promote diversity within the game industry.

The Rainbow Game Jam is the brainchild of the Rainbow Game Dev. Facebook Group. The group have created a community around the LGBT+ identifying and allied development community in Scotland. Their aim is to create a safe space for collaboration, to meet new people and to be able to host regular meetups in the various Scottish cities.

The Game Jam runs from 20th August to 4th September. This is longer than most Game Jams so there is as much time as possible for participants to create and submit games.

How to get involved:

You don’t need to identify as LGBT+ to take part. Also it doesn’t matter where you live, whether you are a student, experienced developer, artist, Pokemon Trainer, ANYTHING!

Don’t have a team? That’s not a problem either because there are others looking for teams too. Check out the Facebook Group, and on Twitter using #RainbowJam16 to find team mates.

Head on over to the Game Jam page on at to sign up!


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