Over the years we’ve been to a fair few expos, from GDC off in faraway San Francisco, to Game in Scotland in relatively local Dundee. With each we attend, whether as viewers, contributors or exhibitors, we gain amazing insight to what’s going on within the games industry. This time last week, Michael – The Griffin’s community manager – had spread his wings and landed in London for Eurogamer Expo 2013.

When I was told I’d be heading down to London for Eurogamer this year, I was like a giddy little girl, but that’s the normal reaction – right? Well even if it isn’t, it was a worthy reaction, because this year’s Eurogamer was outstanding fun!

Although there is still a huge focus on playing games (brilliant games mind you), I noticed that a good chunk of Eurogamer’s content is now devoted to what’s happening within the games industry. With developer talks hosted by the Games Industry Fair; panels and networking sessions being held on a much larger scale than previous years, it seemed like the expo’s starting to branch out, which I absolutely love.

Alongside all of the development goodness, there were of course some amazing pieces of technology, like the Oculus Rift and the Omni Treadmill, and then some equally amazing games! One of the sections I thoroughly enjoyed was the indie arcade, which hosted dozens of independent developers from all over, and was brimming with some outstanding games. I’d also managed to get my hands on some upcoming AAA titles like Titanfall, Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Elder Scrolls Online, which was excellent.

Sadly though, with Eurogamers passing, so has Blazing Griffin’s expo season for this year.  Now it’s just a case of planning and waiting, because next year, the list of expos will be expand and we will be attending even more! (Huzzah!)

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