For this post, we’re going to hand over to writer and actor Dom Watters to tell us a little bit about why and how he decided to make the short film EXODUS 21:24, which has just been made available to watch online.


I have been acting for the past seven years and writing for the last three. I was born and bred in Glasgow and am a proud Scot.

I come from a martial arts and fitness background and grew up addicted to the all action and tremendously cheesy, glossy movies of the 80s. This led me to the lesser known world of Asian cinema. Originally attracted to the action and martial arts, I have now developed a great admiration for the unapologetic story telling relating to the genre.

I try to emulate this when I write, adding my own style, with the goal of encouraging people to discuss and question the story and characters, hopefully giving them a giggle and impressing them with some quality action scenes along the way – showing that you don’t need a Hollywood cast and budget to make something potentially special!

Whilst working on another short a few years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Director Marcus Harben and Producer Naysun Alae-Carew. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the three of us had a mutual love for the same types of film, and that they too wanted to make something akin to our old favourites, but with a more character driven story and showing Scotland in a different light.

That is how Exodus 21:24 officially began. I had written an early draft (which at the time had a working title of ‘Campbell Smashes Everybody’, or something along those lines). Marcus and Naysun helped steer me towards the finished article you are about to watch and opened a whole new world of opportunity for me, for which I am eternally grateful.

There are also 81 special people I would like to acknowledge here and they are the Crowd Funders, without whom none of this could have happened. Naysun, Marcus and myself were truly mesmerised by how many people, from the UK and Europe, to Asia and America, stumped up some cash to help us create this small piece of cinema!

Hopefully we have done them and ourselves proud.

Since we made the film it has gotten a lot of attention from the industry, and we’re now on the very long road of making the feature version of the story, with talented Glaswegian writer Gabriel Robertson writing and Allan Niblo of Vertigo Films executive producing. We’re excited for what comes next!

Semper pergendum sine timore

Dom Watters