About Us

Founded in 2011 as a game development studio, the company has grown from a team of three to a group of companies spanning game development, film production and end-to-end post-production with close to 50 staff based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.

Together, all three companies are working across the same projects from different angles, as well as projects and clients unique to each. As the company continues to expand, the focus on cross platform storytelling and technology will only grow and improve.


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Our Team

David Frew
Managing Director, Post Production
Justin Alae-Carew
Associate Commercial Officer
Charlotte Walsh
Director of Operations
Steven Little
Cat Ewen
Financial Controller
Lauren Lamarr
Associate Producer
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The Schoolhouse, 101 Portman St, Glasgow G41 1EJ, UK
Tel: 0141 406 5000
4 Broughton Market, Edinburgh EH3 6NU, UK
Tel: 0141 406 5000