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Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

A real-time, space-strategy game for PC, featuring fleet-based combat, a dynamically generated galaxy, and an evolving narrative that is different every time.

We’ve setup an Alpha forum so you can chat to us about the game and let us know your ideas and suggestions. It could be we’re already planning to include some of those ideas in future releases, but we’re also hoping you’ve got some great new ideas we can work on too!


Dino Tribes

A match-3 puzzle game for Windows Phone

Dino Tribes is a free to play match-3 puzzle game for mobile.  Help Dino Mike rescue dino babies from the effects of an incoming meteor!  Match through 80 challenging levels, overcoming a variety of obstacles and utilising Dino Tribes’ unique sliding movement that has you to move entire rows and columns, creating endless matching opportunities!


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The Ship: Murder Party

The Ship: Murder Party

A PC only, first person perspective murder-mystery multiplayer set on a series of 1920’s art deco cruise ships.

You’re given a player to hunt down and kill secretly, without any other passengers, or on-board security, witnessing your crime. And of course, you must evade your own pursuer.  Your task is made trickier as you must also balance ‘needs’, such as companionship, eating, sleeping and cleanliness.  Get caught napping (or in other more compromising situations) and you’re not going to survive very long.


Latest from the blog

  • BETA v0.1.1.2 Released – Update Notes – 26th Feb 2015
    BETA v0.1.1.2 Released – Update Notes – 26th Feb 2015

    This is the first update in Beta, so we added a lot of balancing changes this patch. Buying Ships / Upgrades / Repairs / Supplies Quite a few people...

  • Distant Star: Revenant Fleet BETA
    Distant Star: Revenant Fleet BETA

    Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is moving into Beta today, which means our focus will be on performance optimisation and content balancing.  We would expect this process to take us...