The Ship: Murder Party

The Ship is a unique multiplayer PC game. Set on a series of luxury, art deco cruise ships built by Mr X, this devilish game challenges you to kill or be killed. Once you’re on board you’re given the name of another passenger whom you must find and secretly murder.

Watch out for security unless you want to do some time in jail, take care of yourself and keep looking over your shoulder because somewhere out there is another hunter looking for you!

Latest on The Ship: Murder Party

21 Mar 2014
The World Water Day bundle is now available on Indie Royale! This bundle includes six games; The Ship, Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians, Puddle, Pressure, Depth Hunter and Storm in a Teacup. Pick up a copy of the bundle and help support charity: water!
30 Jan 2014
For the next 48 hours The Ship is on the Steam daily deal with 80% off! You can pick up the complete pack for £2.79 ($3.99) or the singleplayer only version for £1.19 ($1.99).
22 Jan 2014
For the next 72 hours The Ship is on Daily Royale with 75% off! You can pick up yours for just £3.49, but be quick – there’s only 500 copies of the game available! Head on over to Daily Royale to grab The Ship now!
28 Nov 2013
It’s that time of year again, when Steam swoops on in and delivers some outstanding deals on spectacular games! The Ship: Murder Party is of course, a supreme exemplar of said games (though we may be slightly biased). Moderately skewed views aside, The Ship: Murder party currently has 66% off, and you can pick it up for a mere £4.75 (7.75$ ish)! To top it off – as always – each copy of The Ship: Murder party complete pack comes with two additional gift copies. Then to top that off, those two... read more
15 Nov 2013
We have some great news for all you FPS lovers out there, The Ship: Murder Party is now available in the Bundle Stars FPS Warrior bundle! You can pick up the bundle for £2.25 and get some other great games such as; Legendary, Shattered Horizon, Section 8, Dino D-Day and Sniper: Ghost Warrior. The bundle comes with keys for redemption on Steam and a percentage of the sales go to charity too! So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the FPS Warrior bundle!    


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