The Ship: Murder Party

The Ship: Murder Party

A PC only, first person perspective murder-mystery multiplayer set on a series of 1920’s art deco cruise ships.

You’re given a player to hunt down within a time limit, while acting, in turn, as a target for somebody else. You must kill your target secretly, without any other passengers, or on-board security, witnessing your crime. And of course, you must evade your own pursuer.

Your task is made trickier as you must also balance ‘needs’, such as companionship, eating, sleeping and cleanliness. Get caught napping (or in other more compromising situations) and you’re not going to survive very long.

The Ship:  Complete pack comes with both the Single player game and Multiplayer.



  • Haha, this game will wear on your soul ! the ultimate in trolling at times.
    Steam User7 February 2014
  • Ruining friendships since 7/11/06
    Steam User1 February 2014
  • Ever wanted to know what its like to murder someone while trying to juggle your basic needs for example pooping and taking a shower!? Ever wanted to murder someone while they are pooping and taking a shower? This game is for you!
    Steam User31 May 2014
  • This game is fantastic. It is even more fun when you can light your friend on fire and put any witnesses to sleep.
    Steam User28 June 2014
  • Are you tired of having friends? Would you like to inflict mental grief to every one of them? Do you want them to enrage so much that they wish you were dead? Well then this is the game for you!
    Steam User4 April 2014
  • The Ship is a very original game that has the ability to make you paranoid as you walk down the corridors, wondering if that person about to pass you in the hall is your hunter
    Steam User8 September 2013
  • What an excellent addition to my 2013 collection The Ship turned out to be.
    Steam User31 December 2013
  • It will destroy friendships and make them stronger.
    Steam User2 December 2013
  • Think "The Sims" crossing over with "Assassin's Creed", you are all random shipmates with individual pseudonyms aboard a variety of different and even exotic vessels for maps.
    Steam User4 December 2013
  • Turn Clue into a first-person shooter on 1920's era luxury liners, sprinkle in bits of The Sims, and you've got The Ship.
    Steam User15 October 2013
  • I was running to the toilet and pooed myself right before I sat down to be murdered by what I am pretty sure was an umbrella.
    Steam User21 June 2014
  • 10/10 would kill friend again
    Steam User7 July 2014
  • You can kill your best friend with pirahnas.
    Steam User3 March 2014
  • Anyone who loves murder party games will find this to quickly enter their list of the most hilarious and addictive out there. Bludgeon, stab, slash, shoot and explode your foes to victory and prepare to never stop laughing.
    Steam User2 June 2014
  • This is what happens when Hitman and The Sims have a baby.
    Steam User10 August 2013
  • A fantastic combination of Hitman and The Sims. Kill stealthily while maintaining your daily needs. I love it!
    Steam User31 January 2014
  • Crochet mallets, hammers, screwdrivers, umbrellas, blunderbuss or tommy gun. The tools of murder are many. So arm up and set out on the hunt. Watch your back, kill anyone following you too closely and be smart (or die).
    Steam User1 February 2014
  • Never gets old! A favourite of mine and my friend; we spend hours running around on big boats, bashing each other's heads in with saucepans and walking sticks.
    Steam User16 December 2013
  • 11/10 killed my friend with a explosive purse while he was taking a dump. Best.Game.Ever.
    Steam User26th March 2014
  • Great game, amazing fun and a great way to lose friends.  Get ready to stick a syringe in your friends, or put a hole in them with an umbrella. 10/10
    Steam User3 January 2014
  • This game allowed me to murder my friends with a frying pan. 5 stars
    Steam User4 March 2014
  • While sitting on the toilet, grining about his last stealthy murder, Reginald gets shot in the face by Magret who doesn't notice Rodriguez sneaking upon her swinging a mannequin's arm. Everyday life on the ship.
    Steam User4 February 2014
  • The Ship quickly proves itself to be a subtly addictive, relentless nail biter that will only get better as those already aboard learn to rule the bloody waves.
    Videogamer Review19 July 2006
  • It's fast paced enough to keep you on your toes, running from an unknown hunter, and slow enough to let you lounge by the pool as you admire the sunset with your target one last time.
    Steam User27 December 2013
  • This is one cross-genre game that really deserves the hype.
    Gamespot Review26 July 2006
  • The multiplayer in this game is some of the most tense and exciting games to play with a group of friends.
    Steam User1 December 2013
  • Dropped a purse bomb on a naked man as he swam for life from piranhas.  11/10
    Steam User8 June 2014
  • Gameplay is extremely addictive once you get over the learning curve and adjust to the more methodical pace, which requires more sneaking and feinting than the typical online shooter. It's tough to stop playing.
    Gamespot Review26 July 2006
  • The gameplay is just such an amazing, unique concept and the little twists and turns along the way make it as fun as heck and a bit addicting too.
  • I busted into the stall with a fire axe and yelled "Here's Jonny!" Then murdered him, stole his wallet and close the stall. 11/10 Would buy again, still holds it's value in 2014
    Steam User1 April 2014
  • An enjoyable blend of hunting and, oddly enough, personal hygiene.
    IGN Review25 August 2006
  • It's an intense experience to see someone walk by who may or may not be trying to knife your stomach.
    IGN Review25 August 2006
  • If you have never shanked someone in the brig of a ship then you can try that here. A++ game of lawls
    Steam User30 December 2013
  • The character need elements make for a deeper gameplay experience, as your character is vulnerable to attack while you're downing a bag of chips or snoring on a bed.
    IGN Review25 August 2006
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Beware Mr X

The Ship

You are coerced into a brutal Hunt to indulge Mr. X’s fantasies, under threat of death for not only yourself, but also your family. Your only chance to save yourself and your family is to play the Hunt and win!

Hunt Your Quarry

See her? She used to be your friend.

The rules of the Hunt are simple. Each of you is given the name of one of the other contestants on board, your Quarry, and you must Hunt them down and kill them with any weapon you can find.

Explore The Ship

Someone care to make a "Hammertime" joke?

Each Ship has its own secrets including hidden rooms, passages and tunnels, extra weapons in special locations, environmental traps and triggers and extra special ways of murdering your quarry.

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