We’re asking YOU to join The Nightmare Cooperative to help raise funds to pay for the interest on the loans we had to take out to build the monuments to the previous Cooperative members.

Single Player | Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS | A Mix of Roguelike and Puzzle Game | Randomly Generated Dungeons | Turn Based Gameplay | Different Playable Characters


Touch Arcade – 4/5

“When The Nightmare Cooperative clicks – which doesn’t take all that long – it becomes intoxicating and stupidly addictive. Although stripped-back compared to more expansive iOS roguelikes, the range of teammates, monsters, and powers results in a surprisingly rich and deep gaming experience that’s extremely replayable.”

Touch Arcade – 4/5

“If you have a taste for the surprisingly methodical, The Nightmare Cooperative rewards planning, coordination, and calculation. Every once in a while, the stars will align and you’ll find the perfect Cartesian accident that lets you trigger all of your party’s spells simultaneously, clearing a path to a glorious, pain-free exit.”

Apple n Apps – 4/5

“There’s a lot to dive into, and yet it’s relatively accessible in simply swiping to move the entire group past enemies, around obstacles, and to the exit point.”

Hardcore Gamer – 4/5

“The Nightmare Cooperative is an exciting change of pace for roguelikes. Yes, it still has the random level generation and permadeath, but there’s enough new here to interest players. The multi-character movement mechanic takes practice to work with, but once over the hump, you’ll be able to surmount most of what the game throws at you while still feeling challenged.”