Gentlemen! is a frantic local multiplayer Victorian-themed deathmatch game for tablets and desktop computers. Go head-to-head with your frenemies in 19th Century England, settling your grievances with knives, bombs, deadly homing pigeons, and more.

Local Coop Only | Multiplayer | Up to 4 Players (PC) | Up to 2 Players (Tablet)


Eurogamer – 7.0

“It’s built to grip you very intently for a minute or so before retreating to the bedlam of icons on your tablet and popping out the next time you’re stuck on a railway cutting with nothing to read and a friend who needs entertaining. There aren’t enough two-player tablet action games knocking around; this one is clever and even-handed and, like its courtly leads, unlikely to outstay its welcome.”

Touch Arcade – 4/5

“It is a chaotic sort of duelling, to be sure: running around with knives, swapping gravity on both sides and hoping never to line up a shot for long, swapping weapons back and forth and jumping all over town. Still, the truth will out with the last man standing.”

Pocket Gamer UK – 3.5/5

“Gentlemen! is a subtle and smart balancing act. It’s addictive, wonderfully put together, and unlike almost anything else you’re going to find on the App Store. For that reason alone it deserves to be championed, but there’s more to the game than its individuality.”

Gamezebo – 3.5/5

“Gentlemen! is great fun, and well worth splashing out on if you often find yourself wanting to play tablet games with a friend. Solo players need not apply, obviously, but if you’re hankering for some friendly Victorian-style deathmatch, then this is a game that will suffice.”