Take control of a fleet of A’Kari ships and make your way across multiple sectors of space, battling your sworn enemy, the Orthani, before they destroy your homeworld with their super weapon – the Erebus Platform.

Available on Steam | RTS Gameplay | Single Player | Control up to 5 Ships | Choose from 8 Classes | Tactical Pause | Randomly Generated Missions | Scaling Difficulty


Player Reviews

“Build your fleet, try to scrape together enough resources to keep them repaired and up to date, and engage in real-time space battles.The upgrades and ship options are dynamic enough that they can drastically alter your combat strategies from hit-and-run, full-frontal engages, to micro-mechanic tech battles. This alone gives each playthrough the ability to be unique, and the procedural universe only adds to that.”

“A mix between FTL and SPAZ, a really fun and unforgiving game where one wrong decision can be the difference between you saving the ark or being blown away into microscopic space dust. Personally, I’d take the former. Word of advice, if they ask for your credits and supplies, just give it to them. You’ll be so much happier that way.”

“Once you get these mechanics down, get the right equipment set up with your ships, recognize your ship abilities and have the patience to keep going with this game, its an absolute blast. I literally just beat it 20 minutes ago and Im definitely doing another playthrough.”

“Fun rogue-like-like with RTS-like-like top-down tactical combat with up to 5 ships in the player fleet vs a possibly obscene numbers of enemies. Having stupidly-high APM isn’t a prerequisite, because you can easily pause the action in Tactical Mode to issue commands as needed.”