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Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

A real-time, space-strategy game for PC, featuring fleet-based combat, a dynamically generated galaxy, and an evolving narrative that is different every time.

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Wisely choose the story path for your fleet, battle across a galaxy of lethal battlefields, and build up your ships, skills and equipping before launching a final, cataclysmic assault against your enemy

  • Take your fleet through a randomly generated galaxy that features a multitude of story decisions.
  • Wage war in ancient ‘graveyard battlefields’ full of tactical possibilities.
  • Overcome increasingly deadly opponents with a wide variety of weapons, systems and support modules.
  • Adapt to survive – persistent upgrades, persistent damage, and perma-death ensure tactics must evolve and decisions are meaningful from level to level.
  • Develop elite ships with specialised crews.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet Launch Trailer