Ahoy Shipmates!

We’ve had a huge amount of feedback from players and we were pleased to be able to release the first iteration of bots last week.  Right now, bots are available in Arcade Mode (single player v up to 15 bots) and LAN matches.  The community has been busy giving us feedback on how bots are performing and you can find a list of known issues here.

Testing of Standalone Servers is progressing well, with the most recent test looking promising with only minor bugs cropping up.  Our code team are also working on a number of refinements to improve multiplayer performance which will affect LAN, hosted relay and eventually standalone and dedicated servers.

Remember, anyone who owns the game can access the test version (which will usually be a week or two ahead of the live version).  Details of how to access the test version can be found in the Closed Testing forum.

Community Discussions

Each week, we’ll highlight some interesting topics from the Steam forums that might be of interest to you. Drop by the discussions and share your thoughts.

  • LAN game not visible.  Steam user Sky did some investigative work and found a bug with the server browser sometimes not displaying the available matches if only one was present.  We rolled out a fix for this earlier in the week.  Thanks for your help Sky!
  • New Features?  User bluecewe asks about new features for Remasted and what the ultimate goal for the project is.
  • In-game items?  It’s not something we’re thinking about or likely to do any time soon, so don’t panic! But a few of our team have joined players discussing the topic.

What we’re working on just now…

Our Code team have been working on several projects in parallel to make online multiplayer available and stable.  These include:

  • Hosted Relay Games.  They are still constrained by bandwidth issues which we are hoping to resolve with Unity soon.  These constraints mean matches are currently capped at 4 players, although we would expect that service improvements and performance optimisation will allow us to increase the player cap soon.
  • Standalone Servers.  Standalone servers have been through internal testing and minor bugs are being looked at.  We would expect a version of this to be rolled out for public testing within a number of weeks, which will allow anyone to host a match without restrictions.
  • LAN.  Live and functional.  We would expect ongoing work to improve performance issues reported by some players.

NPC animations are being improved and all missing objects have now been added to the game.  We’re also looking at impact decals and various other prettification of murder and mayhem.

The team are compiling feedback on bots and working to improve their murdering ability.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid!

Audio work is coming along well and we would expect a host of improvements to be released pretty soon.

We’ve listened to players about the availability of high MFK weapons and reworked the system that allocates weapon values.  This will be rolling out soon and we think you’ll be happy with the improvements (and the rewards that come with kills!).

And finally…another map is ready for release!  The Huronian was rolled out for public testing this week and should make its way to the public build really soon.  The team is keeping an eye on feedback for this map, so let us know what you think.

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