Ahoy Shipmates!

So launch week is going well (*touches wood*)!  What a fantastic response from fans of The Ship – you guys are really awesome!

There are a lot of happy faces in the Blazing Griffin studio right now – a lot of hard work has gone into this project so far and there’s lots more to come.  But to receive an overwhelmingly positive response from fans at this stage is amazing!  Thank you!

This week, work is continuing on server support and progressing well.  In addition, bots have gone into testing (internally) and we hope to roll these out to public testers within the next week or so. Remember, anyone who owns the game can access the test version (which will usually be a week or two ahead of the live version).

Details of how to access the test version can be found in the Closed Testing forum.

Launch Discount / Loyalty Discount

There was a little confusion on launch day about the loyalty discount (25% off if you own the original game on Steam) – it hadn’t applied properly, but Valve quickly resolved the problem.

For this week, there’s an additional 15% off as a launch discount (available to anyone) – these stack to 40%!  But it will only be available this week, so it’s great time to buy!

Community Discussions

Each week, we’ll highlight some interesting topics from the Steam forums that might be of interest to you.  Drop by the discussions and share your thoughts.

What we’re working on just now…

Our Code team have been working on several projects in parallel to make online multiplayer available and stable.  These include:

  • Hosted Relay Games.  Limited functionality has been rolled out to the test group.  They are still constrained by bandwidth issues which we are hoping to resolve with Unity soon.  These constraints mean matches are currently capped at 4 players, although we would expect that service improvements and performance optimisation will allow us to increase the player cap soon.
  • Dedicated & Standalone Servers.  Currently in internal testing and bug fixing in a basic form.  We would expect to be able to roll this out to our test group within a few weeks.
  • LAN.  Live and functional.  We would expect ongoing work to improve performance issues reported by some players.

Bots have been tested internally and we’re rolling out Arcade Mode (single player with bots) to public testing over the next few days. All going well, it’ll be rolled out the live build pretty soon.

Audio is also set to get some much-needed loving over the next few weeks, as only basic implementation is currently live.  Expect to see much smoother transitions from room to room and improved SFX.

More animations will be rolling out soon – we’ve been resupplied and now the security guards will carry real truncheons and not just pretend ones!  Ship’s getting real!

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