Ahoy Shipmates!

It’s been all hands on deck here at Blazing Griffin and over the past few weeks the team have been busy, busy, busy! We may have seemed somewhat serene of late, but our feet have been going like mad under the waterline…

Our code team are working hard on getting dedicated servers ready for external testing and to make them as easy as possible to download and set up. These are currently in internal testing so expect to be able to set a up dedicated server soon! Also, along with dedicated servers, is the option to specify a map cycle file which will change map at the end of a game to begin the rampage on a new ship! Code have also been working on implementing further game audio so expect no more highly trained ninja passengers! You’ll now hear them sneak up behind you and go in for the kill.

The Art team have been working to ensure all UI elements are capable of displaying the languages that will be supported. Localisation is now in testing making sure everything is translated to German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish and Russian (Japanese is still planned but at a later date). As you can expect, going through all of the in-game text for each of these languages is a big task so bear with us if you spot a random English word or two when playing in a different language. Art have also been adding facial animations to player characters, so no longer will your hunter stare blankly into your soul while swinging that axe for the final blow.

Design have also started work on Ship traps. They are still in the very very early stages and are yet to even go into internal testing. These traps include the sauna, freezer and lifeboat traps so soon you can kill your target without even breaking a sweat (or if you do break a sweat, you’ll have a dangerous sauna to relax in afterwards).

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