Ahoy Shipmates!

The team has been testing Listen Servers which will offer an additional way to create and join matches online.  These will allow you to create multiplayer matches with a mix of up to up 16 players and bots across the Internet (effectively opening a full LAN game to exterior players).  This is progressing well and we hope to have this rolled out for public testing this week.

This week’s patch is a big one with a lot of detailed improvements such as new animation additions (and improvements to existing animations), refinements to quality settings and a host of UI improvements.  Bots have also had a number of tweaks (such as improving their run speed in relation to players) and generally making them a little smarter.

In preparation for localised content we’ve changed the font used to Open Sans to accommodate non-English characters.  Much of the underlying work is complete and we’re currently resolving minor issues with the system before rolling it out.

Remember, anyone who owns the game can access the test version (which will usually be a week or two ahead of the live version).  Details of how to access the test version can be found in the Closed Testing forum.

Community Spotlight

  • Unity@GDC16.   Check out Unity’s keynote speech at GDC.  Things we’re proud of:  1) Remasted getting a laugh.  2)  Remasted almost being spelled incorrectly.  3)  Being included in Unity’s keynote speech.  In that order. 😉
  • THIS IS NOT A FEATURE!  We promise.

What we’re working on just now…

The team has been working on Listen Servers to get this functionality to the point it can be rolled out publicly.  We’re happy we’re almost there now and much of the work carried out has also moved us closer to Dedicated Server functionality which will follow shortly.

The next map to be released is the Connemara, which is currently being polished in preparation for public testing.  We would expect this to become available over the next few weeks.

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