Ahoy Shipmates!

Another busy week in the Blazing Griffin studio!

We’ve revised the development roadmap to include Linux and Mac builds as features.  It’s something we wanted to include sooner, but couldn’t quite commit to it publicly, but now we’re happy to announce they’re in the pipeline!

Progress has also been made on the issues with Unity Cloud Service – Unity have increased our CCU cap which will more than accommodate the number of players we could expect online at any one time.  Although there are still bandwidth limitations in place that mean games will still be capped at 4 players for the time being, we hope this separate issue will be resolved soon also.

Work is progressing well on Listen Server functionality which will allow players to host and join games without regional restrictions.  Internal testing has been going well and we’ll likely roll this functionality out for public testing within the next week or two.

Remember, anyone who owns the game can access the test version (which will usually be a week or two ahead of the live version).  Details of how to access the test version can be found in the Closed Testing forum.

Community Spotlight

Each week, we’ll highlight some interesting topics from the Steam forums that might be of interest to you.  Drop by the discussions and share your thoughts.

  • Spotlight – Melissa Knox.  To celebrate International Women’s Day this week, we published a blog post looking at the work our Producer, Melissa has done since joining the company.
  • Testing on Real, Live Humans.  We put together a small blog post to give you an insight into how we’ve gone about testing The Ship before we launched and how we’ll approach it going forward.
  • Yogscast go on a murderous rampage.  The third video in their series.  Please note this is an earlier build – we’re currently on v0.7.8301.

What we’re working on just now…

Our Code team have been working on Listen Servers.  The Listen server player has a server and client component and allows other users to connect to them directly, but requires players to open ports on their systems.  These have been through internal testing and minor bugs are being looked at.  We would expect a version of this to be rolled out for public testing within a number of weeks, which will allow anyone to host a match without restrictions.  

Work is continuing on animations and decals (things like muzzle flashes and weapon impacts), with much more detail being added each day.

Our team are also busy localising text to support additional languages (the same range of languages as the original game supported).  We would expect work to be complete on this within a few weeks.

We released the Huronian map this week!  Yay!  Work on the Connemara, Rubicon and Cotopaxi is almost complete and ready for internal testing – these maps should be making their way to public testing within a few weeks.

The team is continuing to look at feedback from players about how bots are performing and making adjustments and improvements accordingly.  These changes will likely be rolled out over multiple patches as they are tested internally.

Audio work is coming along well and we would expect a host of improvements to be released pretty soon.

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