Greetings Shipmates!

Over the weekend, the Dedicated Servers sailed into the test branch harbour, surviving the sudden gales and rough seas! The Dedicated Servers are available on the Testing Branch (accessed using the password: remastedtesting in the Steam Beta tab). Help on how to set up your own dedicated server can be found here. If you spot any problems with running or playing on the Dedicated Servers, let us know in the relevant Steam forum threads.

Note: You’ll need to ensure the game and the Dedicated Server have the same version number in order to join.

Aside from the Dedicated Servers, the team at The Ship: Remasted’s home port have also been working on several other features.

Localisation is now in the final stages of development. QA have identified some words and phrases that are missing from certain languages – this is mainly text that has been added to the game during development, such as words and phrases that were modified during the UI overhaul. We may be looking for help to localise these words, so if you’re interested in helping, keep an eye out for news on how to do so in the near future.

Design have implemented the Sauna and Freezer traps, complete with VFX from Art. They are now moving on to the more demanding traps like the Lifeboats and Atalanta’s Paddle Trap, which are slightly more complicated to implement and require animations. Flare Guns and Syringes are currently receiving Code support, and should make an appearance soon!

Art have also been implementing breakable glass in the game. Most ship windows are now able to be broken either by hitting it with a weapon or shooting the windows out. A number of these breakable windows simply add polish to the game; however, some will give your hunter a chance to strike just as you begin to let your guard down! Art have also been tweaking the UI to improve the messaging of a number of game mechanics to the player.

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