Many fans of The Ship have been asking us – is The Ship: Remasted simply a graphical update or are there other changes as well?

One of the key areas that players will notice changes is the UI, which has had quite a significant overhaul – not just in terms of appearance, but also the underlying functionality.

Our UI & VFX Artist, Searra Dodds has put together this blog post to give an overview of these changes.

Inventory & Containers

The inventory, container and shop menus have been have been consolidated into one interface inside of one menu to simplify flow.

We have removed the small container UI and built this into a panel on the left side of the inventory menu. You’ll also find ground and shop items presented here. Players should be able to easily view, compare and manage items between containers and their inventory.

We’ve also removed the deckplan tab and created a separate interface for it(more details later on).

Inventory & Containers

Quarry HUD

The Quarry HUD has had a big overhaul to help reduce confusion for new players.  It’s now in the top right corner of the screen.

We’ve also removed round timers to keep information in that area of the screen directly related to your quarry.   This is things like the status of your quarry (are they in jail or suffering from their needs), their last known location or if you’ve killed or lost them.

All information related to the rounds, and time in-between rounds now appears in the top central portion of the screen.

Quarry HUD

Player HUD

The player HUD has been simplified to give prominence to key information.

The player portrait has been removed from the HUD (it can still be accessed from the inventory but we felt this wasn’t information the player needed access to at all times and could be confusing for new players).  We may still bring this back, but for now this HUD gives you details of your current leader board ranking, your wallet and cash totals.  This keeps your quarry information clear and reduces any confusion between your character and who your quarry is.

Your character’s location will now update on the bottom central portion of the screen as you leave and enter new areas in the map.

Player HUD

Security UI

The security UI was one of the most problematic systems in the original game so we’ve put a lot of work into simplifying it.

Rather than having several indicators to represent cameras, witnesses and security guards we now have a single indicator to let you know you are being watched.  As long as there is an eye present on screen you are being watched by cameras, guards or other players and should be careful about taking out or using weapons.

We hope this will alleviate some issues players had with being arrested and not being aware of why, which is an important change to help new players get to grips with the game.

Additionally, security cameras are now static and cover a specific area or room; this is to make their coverage clearer and less sporadic.

Many of these changes are based on feedback from players throughout the course of development and we’re still iterating on these systems.  Let us know what you think of the changes.

Security HUD

New Weapon HUD

We have added a new HUD element in the bottom right corner to make your currently holstered weapons clearer.  This includes additional information about the items current MFK rating and reward value.

You can also now use the middle mouse scroll wheel to rotate through all your weapons and compare MFK stats without having to open the inventory.

Weapon HUD

Deckplan Menu

As discussed earlier, this menu has been removed from the inventory panel.  The location and needs markers have had an update and now all needs are shown at all times on any given deck.

The menu can be accessed by tapping ‘M’ on the keyboard.

Deckplan Menu

Many of the changes made have been based on player feedback.  At the start of the project, our design team read and summarised all comments from players in reviews, comments on articles and discussions in the Steam community.  While the scope of this project hasn’t allowed us to add significant new features or content, we hope you find the tweaks we have made to be a positive move.

As we head towards Early Access, we’re looking for fans of The Ship to get involved and let us know what you think about these changes.  Drop by the Steam community and say hi!

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