Ahoy Hunters!

Sailing into port is a new update for The Ship: Remasted, with a cargo hold full of anticipated features. We have traps! There is breakable glass! Did someone say a chat function? And wait, is that the S S Connemara?

A whole host of deadly new features are present in this build:

+ SS Connemara: The Connemara refurbishment has been completed and has sailed into port. Check out that sleek 1920s style, are those new paintings in the gallery? …wait is that a Picasso? You’ll notice the ship has been renovated to fulfil your every need, whether it’s playing pool in the games room, leisurely imbibing in the Aquila Bar or embedding an axe into your quarry’s head in the luxurious environs of the Cassiopeia Restaurant. Check to make sure every rivet is where it is supposed to be, the ship’s dangerous enough without having to worry about a lifeboat falling on your head…

+ Traps: Speaking of lifeboats falling on your head, all the ships have got even more dangerous with both old and new environmental traps! Eliminate your quarry in even more style with freezer, steam and lifeboat traps. See if you can eliminate your quarry with all the new ones!

+ Breakable Glass: Is your quarry just out of reach in the Orion Lounge? Is that pesky glass window stopping you from taking them out? Well not anymore! All the windows have been installed with breakable glass, now there really is nowhere to hide.

+ New weapons: We’ve added the Syringe and Flare Guns back into the ship, giving you even more ways to kill your quarry. There is still some polishing to be done on these weapons and the vfx but we wanted to get them in your hands as soon as possible!

+ Chat: We’ve added a simple text chat function into The Ship, now if you’re feeling brave you can taunt your hunter or let your quarry know you’re coming for them! Use T to bring up the chat.

If you spot any out of place rivets, bulletproof glass or non-functioning traps be sure to let us know on the Steam forums!

Bon Voyage!



New Features

+ Andrea Doria
++ Kitchen Trap, Nuestra Lugar Kitchen, Deck B.
++ Sauna Trap, Sauna, Deck D.
++ Sauna Trap, Sauna, Deck D.
++ Shower Trap, Brig Shower Block, Deck D.
++ Dual Steam Trap, Engineering, Deck D.
+ Atalanta
++ Paddle Trap, Outer Deck, Deck B.
++ Shower Trap, Brig Shower Block, Deck C.
+ Batavier
++ Shower Trap, Shower Block, Deck A.
++ Dual Steam Trap, Engineering, Deck A.
++ Kitchen Trap, The Manhattan Kitchen, Deck B.
++ Shower Trap, Brig Shower Block, Deck B.
++ Single Steam Trap, Corridor, Deck B.
+ Connemara
++ Single Steam Trap, Engineering, Deck A.
++ Kitchen Trap, Cassiopeia Kitchen, Deck A.
++ Sauna Trap, Sauna, Deck C.
++ Shower Trap, Brig Shower Block, Deck C.
+ Huronian
++ Kitchen Trap, Nuestra Lugar Kitchen, Deck B.
++ Kitchen Trap, Mall Café Kitchen, Deck B.
++ Shower Trap, Male Showers, Deck D.
++ Shower Trap, Female Showers, Deck D.
++ Shower Trap, Brig Shower Block, Deck D.
+ Krassin
++ Dual Steam Trap, Bow Deck, Deck C.
++ Single Steam Trap, Engine Core, Deck D.
++ Shower Trap, Brig Shower Block, Deck D.
+ Freezer and sauna traps last for 10 seconds and do 60 DPS.

+ Connemara level added
+ Connemara – Added Need modifiers for sauna.
+ Connemara – Updated lockers to use male and female locker spawners.
+ Updated Connemara lighting.
+ Tweaked some textures to reflect light a little better.
+ Huronian – Added a winchester to the games room.
+ Huronian – Spawn destinations updated with new spawners.
+ Atalanta – Removed barrier and added collider to paddle at the back of the ship.
+ Atalanta – Spawn destinations updated with new spawners.
+ Atalanta – Slightly reduced volume of outside loop and bridge radio loop.
+ Andrea Doria – Added Need modifiers for sauna.
+ Andrea Doria – Updated lockers to use male and female locker spawners.
+ Andrea Doria – Spawn destinations updated with new spawners.
+ Batavier – Spawn destinations updated with new spawners.
+ Krassin – Spawn destinations updated with new spawners.

Breakable Glass
+ Implemented breakable glass
+ All windows and glass materials set up and fixed.

+ Implemented chat system
++ T – player/passenger chat
++ U – identity chat – use /w, /s and /y
+ Fixed long chat not appearing in chat lines.
+ Block empty strings as chat.
+ Don’t send chat when the Input Field loses focus.

+ Changed all open sans light text to regular.
+ Work on UI font problems and added the quit screen.
+ Added new round info text to the Quarry portrait.
+ Location text banner fades but remains on screen.
+ HUD work including Bribe bars and pop up drop down work.
+ Added the option ‘Minimum Participants’ to the Create Server pop up.
+ Changed all open sans light to regular as well as button and tab spacing problems.
+ Tab buttons – added new art assets.
+ Deckplans – work on tidying Deckplan UI and added room info to map key.
+ UI cleanup work and key binding.
+ Work on Deckplan Player/Quarry glow/pulse animation.
+ Work on Deckplan pulses and arrows, which are now complete.
+ Title menu Keyboard text changes.
+ Added new text body to Quarry lost/ killed portrait animations pop up.

+ Scaled up the size of scorch decals.
+ Created large water splash VFX.
+ Screenshake is now applied in a wider radius than damage.
+ Polished VFX explosion.
+ Impact decal polish pass – lighter debris particles – smaller/smoother slash marks.
+ Made vomit texture more opaque and blended out the alpha edges.
+ Created player teleportation effect.
+ Polished frozen player ice VFX.

+ New sounds added to guns.
+ Further audio mixer tweaks to bring the ambient sounds to correct levels.
+ Increased the volume of all the ambient mixers.

+ Implemented syringes: poison and sleep.
+ Implementing poison and sleep syringe effects. Contains major animator updates to allow for vomit anim.
+ Syringe projectile now produces a smaller blood spurt when it hits other players. Smalled blood spurt was also added to the pooled VFX.
+ Flare guns added.
+ Adjusted firing speeds of guns slightly.
+ Turned off muzzle flash game objects.
+ Explosion audio should be much louder until you’re quite far away.
+ Updated bullet shell physics material.
+ Updated ejected shell for tommy gun and winchester.
+ Increased the persistence of shells from 10 seconds to 60 seconds.

+ Polished lifeboat anim and made ‘Need Medical’ animation loopable.
+ Tinted vomit textures green.
+ Added animation to lifeboat trap and lever.
+ Vomit animation added for poisoned characters.

+ Improvements to portrait assets.
+ Updated release valve model.

+ Added server stats output to console for Dedicated and Listen server.
+ Added version string to output when Server Console starts.

+ Name Generator can now be supplied with names to ignore in regular play.
+ Changing character now visually displays the new character to the user.

Bug Fixes

+Fixed Deathmatch mode disconnections from Dedicated Servers after a few minutes of play.

+ If a weapon gets stuck in a weird position the collisions will no longer cause the Audio Manager to be spammed with ‘hit noise’ requests.
+ Moved first-person anim events off of the first frame and turned looping off to prevent sounds triggering twice (male player should no longer play attack swing sound twice).

+ Fixed ragdoll pose not being copied from player.
+ Fixed players take no damage at start of new game/map change.
+ Fixed players spawned on top of each other upon entering game.
+ Dedicated Server – new character model no longer spawns where player died briefly.
+ Fixed jumping anim going continuously when jump button is held down.
+ Added ragdoll camera effects (disabled by default).
+ Can no longer run while fatigue need is extreme.
+ Respawning in jail no longer gives the player a jail outfit, and doesn’t give their portrait random glasses/hats.
+ Fixed ragdoll camera not being deactivated after death and changing sex.

+ Vending machine text resized.

+ Fixed bots being moved from respawn position to initial net position when replacing player.
+ Identity change now no longer breaks for bots.

+ Krassin – can no longer interact with prison water fountain from outside prison.
+ Rooms can now have Need events.
+ Huronian – fixes to floor spawners.
+ Huronian nav mesh fixes.
+ Work on Huronian prison bench bug.
+ Huronian – giant pass on navmesh. General bug fixes.
+ Atalanta – fixed level being occluded while looking through small spaces such as prison bars.
+ Atalanta – fixed sun flare appearing through walls.
+ Hid lantern flame on Deck A Atalanta.
+ Fixed Connemara lighting, tweaked reflection probes to better light certain areas.
+ Fixed up some Connemara lighting and tweaked materials a bit.

Game Rules
+ Fixed map transition not occurring correctly when map time reaches 0 during Game End screen.

+ Antialiasing now being turned back on in when on high graphics.
+ Improved Antialiasing Image Effect for player cams by changing to “DLAA”.
+ Antialiasing Image Effect is now always off, shouldn’t be needed if Antialiasing is on.

+ UI bugs fixed including some for localisation and radial menu.
+ Huronian Deck Plan – fixed female toilet text bug.
+ Fixed Random Map image not present on Arcade Mode screen.
+ Mousewheel can now scroll through the different decks of Deck Plans.
+ Fix for Inventory displaying “Character Name” rather than the actual name of the character.
+ Needs messages are no longer displayed when you satisfy the Need/are killed when the Need is extreme.
+ Needs UI no longer gives random float values (i.e. 14.999999)
+ Windowed and Fullscreen tokens changed in Video Options panel.
+ Fixing issues with slider bars on options menu.
+ Work on pop ups, the wallet collider size, and title menu.
+ Bribe bars – fixes to both assets including bar thickness and backing bar transparency.
+ Added the pulse to the player and Quarry icons in the Deckplan screens.
+ Deckplan player/Quarry pulse animations checked and fixed where needed.
+ Character names are once again displaying correctly, rather than “Character Name” or “-???-“.
+ The “Welcome Aboard” message is now only displayed on initial spawn.
+ Inventory description now displays ammo for weapons in shops and containers.
+ Non-firearm weapons no longer have their ammo amount changed from “N/A” to “0”.
+ Scoreboard takes less time to appear.
+ Inventory/Deckplans cannot be opened during end game, and Inventory/Deckplans are automatically closed at game end.
+ Map and Inventory HUDs can no longer be opened while dead as a ragdoll.

+ Fixed network address when broadcasting data, now possible to join LAN and Listen servers.
+ Fixed Bots not loading correctly on dedicated server.
+ Fixed Bots animating for Dedicated Server.
+ Fix for connecting directly to a server from Steam Browser.
+ Fixed some Listen Server disconnection issues.
+ Countdown message is sent to only Hunters on the Server.
+ Fixed a timing issue where clients were not getting the countdown message.
+ Removed dependency on “bot_quota” server config var, using “bot_hunters” and “bot_passengers” instead now.
+ Fixed multiple players spawning in the same location.
+ Fixed duplicated console commands and variables after changing level.

+ Weapon pickups can now be examined without making them unable to be picked up.
+ Purse Explosion now leaves a scorch decal on the floor.
+ Damage will now be dealt even if the bomb could only target your feet (e.g. under a bed).
+ Purse explosion should be visible unlimited times, rather than just 5.
+ Corrected timing issue between Purse explosion VFX appearing and sound being heard.
+ Fixed Flare audio was not set to loop.
+ Removed duplicate materials on weapons.
+ Fixed 1st-person weapons disappearing near walls by turning occlusion off.
+ Ammo now no longer randomly disappears for your firearm weapons when you holster them.
+ Weapons spawned into the level are now respawning after being picked up.

+ Explosions now always spawn un-rotated.

+ Bugfix for multiple people using the toilet at once.

+ Fixed attack animation not visible to other players when spamming button.

+ Removed duplicate surname/forname data files.
+’Witness eye always on’ fix.

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