Ahoy Shipmates!

With this patch we’ve moved Dedicated Servers to the open seas and out of the testing drydock! This will allow for the setup of Dedicated Servers that don’t require the The Ship: Remasted to be running. If you are hosting a Dedicated Server you will need to ensure your ports are open so that people can see the server and connect.

Opening your ports

If you wish to run a dedicated server please open the following ports;

  • TCP/UDP 7776-7778
  • TCP/UDP 443

The server.cfg file uses 7777 as the default, if you change this then make sure you open one more and one less than this, e.g. If your default is 6555, open ports 6554-6556.

Anyone is now free to host a Dedicated Server. This can be done two ways:

Downloading and running the server anonymously

You do not need to own The Ship: Remasted or have the steam client running to run a server anonymously. This is perfect if you want to run a Remasted Dedicated Server on some dedicated hardware.

Download the server files from here and unzip them to a folder where you would like to install the game.

Then double click the “Run_DedicatedServer.bat” file and it will automatically download all the files needed to run a Remasted Dedicated Server. Note: every time this batch file is run it will check for updates, so whenever a new patch is out re-run the batch file to keep the server up-to-date.

If you wish to change the server rules to a configuration of your own making, be sure to look at the README.txt file found in the ‘Remasted Dedicated’ folder. This explains how to make your own ‘server.cfg’ and change the batch files to use your configuration instead of the default one.

Downloading and running through steam

The other way to launch a Dedicated Server is to download and run it using Steam. Doing it this way will require you to own The Ship: Remasted and be logged into your Steam account.

Download the server tool from within Steam (Library > Tools > Right Click ‘The Ship: Remasted Dedicated Server > Install).

Game settings can be edited in the various files located in the TSRDS_1 folder (…steamapps\common\The Ship Remasted Dedicated Server\TSRDS_1). If this file is not present, running the Dedicated Server once will automatically create this folder. Opening the server.cfg with a program such as notepad++ will allow you to tweak game settings, such as Server Name, password, Map and Score Limit. The mapcycle text file, in the same folder, can be edited with the list of ships you want the server to cycle through and in what order.

Note: If you are only trying to join a server you may not need to open any ports depending on your setup. Any Dedicated Servers that are running will appear in the Join Server menu in-game under ‘Dedicated’ or ‘All’ tabs if you have the same version number of the game as the server. All servers appear in the Steam Server browser and they indicate which version of the game they are running. If you try to join a server with the wrong version number you will be taken to the main menu of the game.

Other additions

Aside from the Dedicated Servers, the team have been hard at work tweaking existing features and squashing those pesky little (and sometimes big) bugs. We have added new audio updates, such as footsteps (thus removing those silent ninja assassins). New facial animations have also been added, meaning characters will also no longer stare blankly into the depths of your soul!

If you are playing with bots, killing them while they are in a container will no longer cause the container to become unusable.

Full patch notes can be found below.

Reporting a Bug

For this patch we would like you to look test the dedicated servers. Any major issues (crashes, connection issues, being kicked from the game suddenly) can be reported in the Dedicated Servers – Crashes and disconnections post at the top of the General Discussions Steam forum. Any other bugs or general feedback on the servers can be added to the Dedicated Servers – General Feedback also in General Discussions forum. Our QA team may get in touch asking for more information on how to reproduce your bug.

More information on how to report a bug can be found here.

Loyalty Discount

If you own The Ship: Murder Party you will get 25% off The Ship: Remasted. This offer has been extended until the 30th of June.

Also make sure to follow us on twitter to keep updated! (@BlazingGriffin, @TheShipGame)

Happy Hunting!

Patch Notes

Dedicated Servers
+ Dedicated Server and Server Console implemented.
+ Anonymous Dedicated Server functionality implemented.
+ Instances of Dedicated Servers can start from folders.

+ General optimisation improvements.
+ Deleted some unused art assets.

+ Added face animation expressions for Players and NPCs.
+ Increased size of character controller colliders.
+ Linked interactions in bars and cafes to appropriate NPC.
+ Updated player Open Door animations.
+ Opening the CSI Menu on a table or bar will now cause the nearest barman to ask if you need help. Note: only Atalanta has the barman linked up at the moment.
+ Sounds are now triggered directly from character animations.
+ Implemented footsteps.
++ Added footstep events to all the walk, run, crouch and arrest animations.
+ Dropping the active weapon now plays drop animation.
+ Turned off bloom on player controllers.

+ Players no longer spawn with random Needs.

+ Bribing security now also prevents witnessing!

+ Progress bar added to Security HUD and Quarry HUD to implement Guard bribed timers.
+ Added random level image.
+ Can no longer bring up Deck Plan over Inventory.
+ Join Server dialogue is now All by default and all filters toggles are off by default: password, users, full.
+ Added new Hints and Tips UI Banner.
+ Improved loading screens.
+ Tooltips implemented on Inventory slots.
+ Quarry animation improvements.
+ Inventory Popup Box added to explain certain interactions (e.g. can’t pick up weapons as a Passenger).
+ Inventory Changes
++ Inventory default navigation overridden, and a large overhaul on how slots are selected/highlighted, and how they’re handling their own states.
++ Added bin icon for Inventory use.
+ Improvements to drop-down elements:
++ No longer close when cursor leaves element
++ Clicking the button toggles the dropdown
++ Clicking off the dropdown closes it
+ Selection ring – added new selection ring asset for the Inventory.
+ Work on HUD UI scaling and added deactivated eye sprite.
+ Work on UI popup if password is present.
+ Updated the small load screens which appear in the Create game menus.
+ Work on UI including new bin and cross icon and hints-and-tips scene work.

+ Removed original Source audio clips.
+ Created new default audio clips.
++ New metal impact noises.
++ Replacement footsteps.
+ Added distance checks to audio, will not play (unless forced to) if it is > x meters from the local player, or too far above/below the player and the volume will half if a wall is in the way.
+ Added ragdoll collision sounds.
+ Ship Sound should now no longer pick the same sound twice in a row.
+ Updated the ‘drywall’ impacts (used when hitting the life rings and other things) and the ceiling tile breaks.
+ Replaced and fine-tuned the tile footsteps.
+ Footstep and ambience tweaks.
+ Breakables and Breaks separated to own mixer channels and mixed.
+ Changed some of the clips where different assets were being used in the same prefab to the same type for consistency.
+ Deleted old thunder sounds.
+ Implemented new Krassin ice-impact audio.
+ Added new windy-outdoor ambient track to Krassin instead of the rain one. Silenced the indoor rain sound.
+ Added guard baton idle audio.
+ Added additional bang-gavel sound.
+ Added Needs alert sounds.
+ Linked audio to catering interactions.
+ Attached wolf-whistle audio to clothes change animation (only on Inventory portrait so you don’t hear it twice).
+ Attached rain/thunder/lightning audio to depression animation.
+ Added fly swarm audio to the fly VFX when you are very dirty.
+ Added tick audio to clocks and significantly reduced the range on it so you (hopefully) cannot hear it on the floor below.
+ Added Cha-ching sound to wallets/purse on pickup.
+ Reattached soundscape audio.
+ Timer tick audio now plays while trespassing and watched.
+ Added eating/drinking audio to animations.
+ Added sound event handler scripts to male/female bot prefabs.
+ Set weapon levels and VO drop curves.
+ Implemented new gunfire audio.
+ Changed VO ranges for every character.
+ Brought down the volume for the environmental audio on each level in prep for mixing in active sounds.
+ Added the take damage vocalisations to the flinch animations, plus an additional one to play on death.
+ Added squelchy death sound.
+ Shopkeepers now ask “Can I help you?” when you open a shop container.
+ Added open/close/hover audio to the CSI menu.
+ Adding start drag audio to Inventory.
+ Players have been notified that flushing is NOT optional. (Toilet flush audio added)
+ Added hammer impact sounds to NPC engineer’s anim.
+ Added “Oooh” vocalisation to pickup animations.
+ Added “Cha-ching” when purchasing items from shops.
+ Added “Cha-ching” sound when you get fined via the justice system.
+ Added “Cha-ching” sound when the player uses an interaction that costs money.
+ All click and deny sounds implemented to the Inventory.
+ Added vocalisations to throw animations.
+ Hooked up weapon impact sounds to throwable weapons.
+ Added audio events to relevant NPC animations.
+ Adding attack vocalisations and making weapon swing sounds play for remote players.
+ Footstep, dialogue and other general mixing.
+ Audio range changes.

+ Deleted legacy fly swarm VFX.
+ Edited the lens flare to be more of a glare.
+ New muzzle flash and smoke VFX now linked to characters.
+ Impact VFX polish.

Other Servers / General Server Updates
+ Default when map not found in map cycle is now current map.
+ Removed unused variable for Server Console.
+ Added reference for “Random” map.

+ Weapons should now be removed from the Item Database when they despawn after being thrown (also after going overboard).
+ Male and female player attacks now take place over 1 second instead of 0.8.
+ Hidden the dynamic light on Tommy Gun muzzle flash.
+ Smoke on static flare VFX now rises.

+ Water enabled in Batavier and Connemara.
+ Minor lighting changes (ongoing).
+ Deckplan art updates

+ Eye Adaptation is now turned off for low quality setting.
+ All cam effects are now turned off by default.

+ Removed guns and wallet bombs from desks.
+ Removed consumables from bins.
+ Interaction removed from sauna thermos.

Bug Fixes

General Server fixes
+ Can start Arcade mode game.
+ Fixed maps do not change when designated time is reached.
+ More than the set maximum players can no longer join game.
+ Playing Arcade mode then creating Relay Server no longer causes failure to load level.
+ Quitting back to main menu then trying to create new server no longer causes failure to load level.
+ Create dialogue listen server now has max 8 players.

+ Container is now freed up and closed when a Bot is killed whilst using it.

+ Post Spawn UI is ALWAYS told to fade up now, preventing black screen of doom.

+ Weapons are once again able to be picked up.
+ Fixed bug where holstering a weapon mid-attack would cause its position to be wrong during idle from that point onwards.
+ Weapons are no longer removed from character’s hand.

+ Fixed lantern flames on Atalanta.

+ Atalanta – Fixed missing underside of a barrier.
+ Huronian – Floor no longer disappears.
+ Krassin – Environment no longer pops out of view.

+ Interaction cursor fix. Cursor was disappearing on death and changed gender.
+ Quarry jailed overlay now gets removed/added correctly if your Quarry changes.
+ Changed status message set to be primary rather than secondary.
+ Fixed player information not highlighted on scoreboard.
+ Fixed pop-ups in ESC menu remain active when Esc is pressed.
+ Fix for cancel button on join server password pop up.
+ Fixed “Options” and “Exit Game” not working from Pause Menu.

+ Fixed camera effects not being enabled for Medium and High Quality settings.
+ Fixed video settings placeholder drop-down text.
+ Fixed default quality settings.

Name generation
+ Random names are now generated from full list.
+ Abalos no longer always first surname.

Deck Plans
+ Deck Plan no longer opens during animations.
+ Deck Plan no longer stays stuck on screen if used while sleeping.
+ Andrea Doria – Fixed Crew Corridor and Freezer labels are not displayed.
+ Atalanta – Fixed location markers block room name pop-up appearing.
+ Batavier – Fixed Bow Deck covers section of the Bridge on Deck Plan.
+ Krassin – Fixed Cabins 3 and 4 are swapped.

+ Fixed flies not appearing when player is dirty.

+ Stopped the audio in the splash video from destroying your ears if you hit Esc to skip it.
+ Fixed bug with Audio Volume not being set correctly when set to zero in options.
+ Audio Manager was culling sounds based on player position, which was incorrect after death. Is now culling based on active camera position.
+ Fixed “Can I help you?” audio from shopkeepers not working on clients.
+ audio when arrested no longer plays twice.
+ Fixed player footstep sounds when running.

Player Actions
+ Fixed collision with ragdolls seems to cause players to levitate.
+ Fixed interactions on male player not working on the character’s head.
+ Pickup bug fixes.
++ Preventing Inventory from picking up through walls.
++ Prevent depositing/dropping detonators.
++ Prevent picking up wallet bombs from the ground.
+ Fixed player interaction raycast not being centred to the screen.
+ Adjusted player idle animations to prevent foot sliding.

+ Corpses should now contain items the victim was carrying (unless it’s an innocent kill).
+ On death player’s inventories now no longer getting erased BEFORE their attachments are stored for respawn (on hunter kills/suicide) which was causing attachments to be recreated.

Visual Issues
+ Added water VFX to en suite sink.
+ Fixed clipping bug on Female Shower animation.
+ ATM seam fixes and Bollard fixes.

Dedicated Servers
+ Anonymous servers can be run without Steam.
+ Dedicated Server – fixed players not loading correctly into game after Map Change.
+ Fixed Animations for Dedicated Server.
+ Fixed no footstep sounds or hit VFX or sounds for Dedicated Server.
+ Fixed item spawners not being freed up correctly when changing maps.
+ Stopped some printing to console until after initial values are set.

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