Today we have added Listen Servers to The Ship: Remasted.

Listen servers act a bit like LAN games that run through the internet, so that anyone can join. These allow players to host their own games and have others join and unlike relay servers, they are not limited by regional restrictions. Listen servers are currently limited to 8 players.

To host a listen server you have to ensure the correct ports on your router are opened. If they are not then your game will not be visible in the server browser and players will not be able to connect to you. So other players can join please configure your firewall/port forwarding by opening ports: UDP/TCP 443, 7776-7778. Once you have opened the correct ports you can create a server by selecting ‘Listen’ in the server drop-down menu in the Create Server dialogue.

You can check if your game is visible to others by opening the Steam Server Browser (in the steam client click view then Servers) and selecting The Ship: Remasted from the games list. You can also filter servers by using the options in the ‘Change Filters’ panel too.

To join a Listen Server game, select join a cruise from the menu and look in the ‘Listen’ tab or you can join using the Steam Server Browser by selecting The Ship: Remasted from the games list, choosing a server then clicking connect.

You can also join your friend’s server directly by right clicking their name in steam and selecting ‘Join Game’, or they can send you an invitation to their game.

If you are unable to see your friend’s server in the list or join their servers using the steam invite ensure that you and your friend are on the same version number.

We’d appreciate your help testing Listen Servers and in particular, we’re looking for feedback on:

  • Crashes and disconnections while playing a match
  • General feedback on the sticky topics in the General Discussion forum.

General Updates
+ Buttons now highlight to the currently selected deck.
+ Player facing direction is now shown on the deckplans.
+ Player/quarry markers now handle being in the same room.
+ Markers now display which deck the player/quarry are on.
+ Added revised deckplan icons and quarry marker.
+ Added new deckplan icons.

CSI Menu
+ Right/left click functionality to exit implemented.
+ Central CSI icon removed.
+ ‘Right click for more options’ text implemented — fades in after a set time.
+ Added new radial segments (Art).
* Removed “1$” amount for Withdraw All / Deposit All
* CSI label change for Deposit All / Withdraw All

Quality Settings
+ Low, Medium and High quality settings added.
+ Full screen camera effects are now turned off on lowest quality setting.
+ Quality settings now default to ‘Medium’.

+ MFKTable now picks all weapons as MFK.

+ Can now pickup weapons from the ground using the inventory.
+ Hooked up Release Notes again in Title Menu.
+ Refactored UI fade functionality.
+ Work on cleaning up UI.
+ Updated keyboard options to remove advanced.
+ Fixed input caret for UConsole.

+ Added support for custom command line params.
+ Added option for “servercfg” – e.g. “-servercfg server1.cfg”.
+ Added support for connecting directly from the command line (via “+connect <ip:port>”)
+ Updated default server.cfg file with bot hunters and passengers.

+ Ship hints implemented for loading screens and sleeping.

+ Bots will now run away (or attack their attacker if they are being hunter). These have a random weighting.
+ Improved the bot-to-bot attack damage.
+ Improved accuracy for Bots attacking in Hunt and Elimination.
+ Removed push as an option for Bots CSI Menu.
+ Improved Bot walk and run speed to closer match player movement speed.
+ Checked in Bot Behaviour Tree for attack with ‘quarry player’.
+ Added support for Bot room interactions.
+ Added new bot names.

+ Set Foot IK on for female dance anims to prevent foot sliding, did same for male and female ‘pee dance’.
+ Made the barman play only his glass-cleaning animation.
+ Barman’s attachments are now always visible (glass and dish cloth).
+ Removed anim events for showing dishcloth and glass for Barman. These attachments are now always visible.
+ Tweaked position of Psychiatrist NPCs in chair.

+ Created new muzzle flashes with particle systems, added ejecting shells to the Revolver.
+ Created particle-based muzzle flash for Revolver.
+ Darkened pillow impact decals so they look better on dark fabrics. Removed VFX Hit Fabric (feathers) from carpets and Leather.
+ Bathtub VFX polish.
+ Tweaked position of tap water VFX and the associated interactions for square sinks.
+ Polished impact decals and VFX.
+ Added some optimisation for muzzle flashes.
+ Explosion VFX improved.

+ Enabled Huronian in Release builds.
+ Enabled Huronian map in Arcade Mode.
+ Tweaked psychiatrist NPC position on Krassin.
+ Work on Krassin collision.
+ Updated geometry settings for deco sofa prefabs.

+ Fixed ambient lighting in Huronian – should be a lot lighter outside.
+ Finished tweaking Andrea Doria lighting.
+ Lights moved up slightly in Krassin prison to cast correct light.
+ Krassin railing light bake tests.
+ Finished tweaking Krassin lighting.
+ Small tweak to ambient light.
+ Finished tweaking credits lighting.
+ Lowered reflection intensity to remove weird shiny edges.
+ Tweaked more lights and reduced reflection intensity to remove the weird blue sheen.
+ Toned down ambient light, and fixed ambient light issues.
+ Adjusted lights for geometry changes.
+ Set up mixed lights.

+ General Mixing.
+ Volume/Filter drop-off changes.
+ Reverbs on Huronian.
+ Reverb tweaks.
+ Cotopaxi sound tweaks.
+ Volume/Low Pass curve tweaks to Player Audio.

+ Improved random number generation in-game.

Bug Fixes

+ Potential fix for fix weapon out-of-sync error.
+ Fixed password encryption.
+ Now correctly updating on the Server if character ID changes.
+ Fixes to Network Animator initialisation and defaults.
+ Fixed needs updating on host client.
+ Player Manager should no longer return an incorrect local player briefly during a sex change, fixing the black-screen-of-doom issue.
+ Fixed rare null ref in animation system caused when joining at the wrong point in time.
+ Corrected typo in Steam Server List.
+ Prevented re-registering for messages each time you launch a server.
+ Reduced number of network messages being sent.

+ Bots now attack nearest player in Deathmatch.
+ Fixed New games load into a black screen after bot reaches victory money requirement.
+ Bot player failing to deplete ammo fix.
+ More work on Collision and Nav mesh to help bots on stairs.
+ Fixed a bug that could cause bots to disembark after death and sex change.
+ Fixed Bots so they can be added / removed at runtime.

+ Prevented a null ref exception in Inventory HUD.
+ Fix for more information on CSIUD issues — seemed to have issues with Deposit all on Deposit boxes.
+ Fixed Interaction Raycast so the raycast is now done from the player’s position instead of the camera to remove the flickering.
+ Fixed interaction timing to prevent moving during interactions, getting locked out of interactions, or equipping weapons during interactions.
+ Attack animations weren’t set to loop, so would only play once if the button was held down remotely.
+ Fixed bug where you could perform actions that are incompatible with the current interaction (e.g. using ‘Sleep’ with a weapon pickup).
+ Jump bug fix — can no longer fly with the ‘I’ button.
+ Examine text is now correct for corpses.
+ Axe icon – fixed wrong icon colour.
+ Fixed leader board so the background is not white.
+ Improved stability of player portrait.
+ Visual UI fixes.

+ Prevented player ragdoll creating a null ref exception.
+ Collisions with physics objects will no longer EVER deal damage.
+ Players should no longer have random attachments after being killed innocently.
+ 1st-person arms should no longer get stuck on after death.
+ Weapons should be holstered after respawn for non-quarry kills.
+ Fixed player attachments appearing on wrong players.
+ Fixed clipping issue with Male PlayPool anim.
+ Fixed the Female PlayPool animation.
+ Added missing anim events to show / hide mug attachment.
+ Psychiatrist model no longer clips with chair.
+ Moved eyepatch model to cover the eye better.

+ Fixed bug that could cause the MFKTable to continually update on the server now that all weapons are MFK.
+ Fixed bug where after reset the HUD/MFKTable UI would not update properly.

CSI Menu
+ Fixed some issues with the CSI HUD.

+ Fix for Hints fading in if the game fails to connect to a Server.

Quality Settings
+ Fixed default quality setting.

+ Occlusion bakes redone on levels to fix popping/occluding issues.
+ Occlusion fixes on vault door.
+ Added collision mesh to doorframe base.
+ Bookcases now only contain as many books as they have available slots.
+ Moved window in Batavier 3rd class apartment.
+ Fixed Huronian ‘No player location pop up’ — Bow Deck Deck C.
+ Batavier – Player no longer being witnessed in Security Corridor.
+ Krassin – Interactions on beds now placed on top bunks in cabins 2 and 4.
+ Atalanta – Standing at wall of Bridge no longer brings up outer deck location – Bridge Deck A.

+ Fixed ambient light intensity.
+ Light bakes to fix shadow issues.
+ Fixed ambient lighting in Atalanta.

+ Huronian Soundscape — the cargo hold trigger is now at the door.

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