The team have been working hard testing hunter bots and we rolled out bots and Arcade Mode (single player vs bots) to public testing yesterday.  While there are a number of smaller bugs being currently worked on, we’re happy that hunter bots are functional and deadly enough to release into the general population.

We’ve created a list of known bugs and feel free to drop by the Bots Bug Report forum if you find more.

Bots are currently only available in LAN and Arcade Mode, not in hosted relay matches (this is due to the same limitations that are capping those matches to 4 players), but work is still progressing well on dedicated servers which we would expect to be available for public testing in a number of weeks.

Patch Notes

Game Modes

  • Arcade Mode Implemented.


  • Added full Bot Hunter implementation.
  • Added Nav Mesh for Bots.
  • Bots can now use weapons, inc. guns.
  • Changed the bot quota management to allow for Arcade Mode and the ability to specify specific numbers of both Hunter and Passenger bots.
  • Refactored bot player and bot name generator.
  • Bots will now run away (or attack their attacker if they are being hunted). These have a random weighting.
  • Improved the bot-to-bot attack damage.
  • Optimised the spawn of the bot characters.
  • Removed unnecessary warnings appearing when Bots are added.
  • Ran the bot name generator through a profanity filter to remove offensive words.
  • Reduced the likelihood of bots choosing to stand around instead of walking.
  • Removed wait time before attacks.
  • Reduced wait time between attacks.
  • Added “hunt hurry” behaviour so that Bot Hunters run towards the end of the round.
  • Added functionally to store and retrieve a bots recent attacker.
  • Adding functionality to use near-ish interactions.
  • Bots now get weapons from near-ish containers.
  • Bots now only hunt if they are in the same prison state as their quarry.
  • Fixed bots ping-ponging between two containers when trying to get items.
  • Removed recent damage timing changes for Bots to re-enable their ability to inflict damage.
  • Bot Hunters now look for weapons in the nearest container, not any old one.
  • Polished the avoid direction.
  • Bot don’t hunt in prison (temporary workaround).
  • The “run away” now doesn’t happen all the time.
  • Bots randomly run.
  • Bots randomly stop.
  • Added custom “move with avoidance” action.
  • Bots are correctly re-spawned on sex change / death.
  • Bots now target their quarries chest for attacks. Rather than using the camera vector.
  • Bots now attack their quarry at a distance (depending on the weapon range).
  • Bots will perform a line-of-sight check before attacking to make sure they can.
  • Bots can now forcible select a default action rather than the best action for a need.
  • Bots no longer keep running around an interaction (or ping-ponging between two interactions of the same type in the same room).
  • Added nav mesh for Connemara.

UI / Screens

  • Players looking at other players from a distance implemented.
  • Added credits exit.
  • Added Arcade Mode and Create Server options to server panel.
  • Removed duplicate build notes scene to avoid confusion.


  • Added player attachments.
  • Added support for NPC attachments.
  • Added attachment anim events to NPC anims.
  • Added attachment animation events to player anims.
  • Re-exported Needs attachments as skinned objects.
  • Created bespoke NPC attachment prefabs, and repositioned the barman’s dishcloth.
  • Set correct truncheon attachment for Guard.
  • Set glass attachment for Barman.
  • Assigned new animation controllers to courtroom guards in two more maps.
  • Assigned new animation controller to courtroom guards so they only play basic idle anim.
  • Added NPC Talk anims.
  • NPC Anim Controllers – added Talk.
  • Talk Anims now have foot IK on.
  • Added separate talk sit anims.
  • Added bribed anim to anim controller for Guard.


  • Fixed satchel pickups and added velocity (from player) and throw force and torque.


  • Further light map tweaking.
  • Tweaks to static geometry shadows.
  • Updated the export tool to stop it from moving all the security elements.
  • Added clipping shader and clipping material for depth cut-outs.


  • Set the Crowbar model to Dynamic props layer for lighting purposes.
  • Made Umbrella model double-sided and re-exported.


  • Updated first-person muzzle flashes.
  • Improved player blood spray VFX.
  • Created new material from scratch for Flies VFX – attempt to fix wrong texture.
  • Flies VFX resubmitted.


  • Changes made to the Entity Import Tool for Design and Soundscapes.
  • Added music to the logo video.

Bugs Fixed


  • Props appeared in client players’ hands when host performed interaction.
  • Leader board time update fix — end of round time now correct.
  • Fixed clearing memories going into infinite loop on client.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause bots to disembark after death and sex change.
  • Fixed impact VFX showing a blue spark.
  • Fully disabled the bot cameras to remove bug that causes the player camera to be swapped for a bot camera.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause Bot to become disconnected from the navmesh.
  • Fixed interaction bug for bots.
  • Fixed a recently introduced bug that could result in bots being given a wander target off the navmesh.
  • Fixed missing Bot prefab links.
  • Nav mesh work and fixes for Krassin and Batavier.
  • Krassin nav mesh fix to vending machine.
  • Atalanta nav mesh fixes.
  • Bots now go down central staircase on Krassin – Staircase Deck C/D.


  • Stopped null ref when attacking another player – shouldn’t be trying to use CSI when a weapon is out.


  • Various actions no longer cause inverted mouse to return to normal.

UI / Screens

  • CSI HUD/interaction icon now gets the correct updates.
  • Container/corpse descriptions now update.
  • Interaction icon no longer goes wrong when looking at player in chair.


  • Fix for cursor issues in third-person. All third-person shenanigans should now be fixed.
  • Third-person Needs animations fixed.
  • Third-person inventory-consume animations fixed.
  • Weapon pickup animations fixed.
  • Ragdolls wait for you to finish interacting until they remove themselves.
  • Ragdolls now correctly removed from corpses when they’re forced to disappear and you’re interacting with them.
  • Made centre of mass for Psychiatrist Talk animation the same as Idle animation, so he stays in same place.


  • Polish pass on Impact Decals VFX and fixed missing slash decals.


  • Fixed some lighting issues, swapped out a couple of floor textures to lighten things a bit.
  • Fixed shiny material bug by setting normal calculation in FBX settings.
  • Turned off ‘ receive shadows’ on new deck column topper.
  • Bug fix on bow deck UV’s stretching.
  • Prison bulb set to not receive shadows.
  • Fixed dishcloth prefab.
  • Fixed interactions with Prison Bench and checked Coffee Chair.
  • Railing fixed on main deck and anchor UV’s fixed.
  • Krassin light bakes and railing shadow fixes.
  • Batavier lighting fixes/tweaks.

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    Really great to have bots again! I hope their better than the old ones, because the old ones were a tad too easy to kill…

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