Ahoy Hunters!

We come with a treasure trove of new features and fixes for you again this month. Here’s an overview of some of the changes but you can see the full patch notes below.

+ The swimming pool on the Huronian is now open. Just in time for the end of summer so go have yourself a Murder Pool Party!

+ Juiced up the HUD, in-game prompts and player management tools. The HUD in particular has changed quite a bit and now includes a portrait of the character you are playing.

+ Loads on work on optimisation and bug fixes. We did a sweep of each of the playable levels and squished a variety of bugs. We also tweaked the placement of Security cameras in a few of the ships to encourage players to move around more.

+ Oh and what’s this?

As always, you can also give suggestions, report a bug, ask questions or generally chat about the game on our Steam Forums.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, so please do come and help us make this game the well-mannered murder-fest it deserves to be.

Bon Voyage!
– The Blazing Griffin Team

New Features

+ Optimised lightmaps on all levels.
+ Optimised textures on all levels.
+ Optimised bots.
+ Optimised string messages.
+ Optimised character textures.
+ Optimised ambient VFX.
+ All textures for props compressed and changed to correct format.

Player management
+ Players can now vote through the UI using an option on the Esc Menu.
+ Players can now vote to change the map or game mode.

+ Join Server: Merged Dedicated and Listen tabs to ‘Online’ tab.
+ Join Server: Defaults to “No Games Available” message in the list.

+ Player’s character portrait is now shown at the top left of the HUD.
++ Reduced the size of the Needs HUD to 85% of the original size.
++ Reinstated the targeting reticule on the Quarry portrait.
++ Added bars over your own portrait for if/when you get jailed.
++ Moved the build number over, because the health HUD is no longer in the way of it.
++ Moved the chat down to sit just above the build number.
+ Implemented Deathmatch ‘Quarry’ HUD.

Bot behaviour
+ Bots will ignore their Needs until they are a higher value if they are hunting or attacking.

Andrea Doria
+ Security cameras added outside the 3rd Class Cabins.
+ Security removed from Orion Lounge.
+ Added a cardboard box with mannequin hands in Marco Graza staff room.
+ Added cardboard box with flare gun in Housekeeping.

+ Added props under the stairs on the Bow Deck.

+ Security camera removed from corridor outside 3rd class bedrooms.
+ Engineering and Bridge are now witness trespassing areas.

+ Security guard removed from the corridor outside the bank.
+ Removed Security Booth security.

+ Opened swimming pool area.
+ Moved the room trigger to better define the lobby and the bank office trespassing areas.

+ Steam trap in Engine Core turned off by default.

Bug Fixes

+ Players no longer spawn on fire after being killed by a flare gun on low health.
+ Correct texture is now applied to the Truncheon.

Breakable Glass
+ Networking fixes to ensure broken glass is consistent across the client and server.
+ Glass now makes the appropriate sound when broken with melee weapons.
+ Thrown weapons can now break glass if they are travelling fast enough.
+ Windows on the Bridge in Atalanta are now breakable.
+ Both panes of glass in Connemara first class cabins are now breakable.
+ Weapons no longer float in Huronian’s windows when thrown.

Player Management
+ Fixed incorrect values being read from the server.cfg file.

+ Fixed Needs countdown timer not appearing after reaching extreme multiple times.
+ Player position no longer displayed as “0th” when respawning.
+ Correct number of Quarry kills is now displayed at the end of the game.
+ Messages are displayed in the correct order when player dies of high Needs.
+ Equipping/dying while in a container/shop no longer leaves an interaction icon in the middle of the screen on clients.
+ Game winner message is no longer shown behind the pop-up box.

+ Create Server: The ‘Server Type’ filter is no longer blocked by any text.
+ Join Server: Drop down menus no longer appear under the buttons.
+ Join Server: No longer need to refresh Join Server Dialogue to select rows when changing tabs.
+ Join Server: Previously selected buttons no longer remain highlighted.
+ Join Server: Handles wrong or unsupported values when loaded from the server.cfg file.
+ Baseball bat icon added to Credits main menu option to replace duplicate revolver icon.

+ Hair colour now remains consistent when changing hats.
+ Fixed dark occlusion texture on female farmer clothing.

Andrea Doria
+ Fixed geometry disappearing on Deck A.
+ Fixed player being unable to throw weapons into the Swimming Pool.
+ Fixed gaps in the open elevator shaft.
+ Fixed wrong texture on champagne bottle cork in skeleton’s hand.
+ Fixed missing valve wheels on engineering control panel.

+ Fixed bank teller interaction showing talk option rather than withdraw/deposit cash.
+ Fixed issue where the knife rack was not spawning anything.

+ Bench in the Security Office can now be sat on.
+ Box in Housekeeping is now a container.
+ Fixed being able to jump behind the ropes in the Gallery.
+ Fixed z-fighting textures at the back of the lockers in the Security Office.

+ Fixed sun flare appearing through walls on Deck D.
+ Player can now jump from Deck C to Engineering stairs consistently.
+ Players can now jump over railings when standing on crates beside them.
+ Fixed gap in geometry beside shower door in the brig.
+ Camera moved to correct position.

+ Fixed floor disappearing on Pool Deck when looking at the ground.
+ Moved trigger room areas to prevent Bank Lobby trespassing area overlapping into the Office.
+ Moved crowbar in changing room so it is no longer floating.
+ Easier to enter and exit the Satan Room.
+ Added missing light prop above pool cues in the Games Room.
+ Correct material applied to the airtight door in the Cargo Hold.

What’s on its way

We are working hard in the coding yards, are going through all your feedback, and will be releasing regular builds as we pop in more rivets.

We even have a plan! Check out The Roadmap if you want to see what the future holds and what we’re working on next.

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