Ahoy Hunters!

It’s been a little while since our last update but we’ve been working on squashing bugs, streamlining the UI, optimisation and setting up player management tools. Below is a quick overview of the bigger changes. See the patch notes below for the full run down.

+ Not playing by the rules? Players with too many cold-blooded or innocent kills will now be automatically kicked from servers. You will be warned a few times before you’re kicked, and given a reason so make sure you keep the rampages confined to Deathmatches! You can also vote to kick players by entering their player ID in the console. Check out Lee’s Guide to Banning Murder Party Poopers on the forums to learn on how to use the new player management tools.

+ The UI in The Ship: Murder Party needed some streamlining and updating so we’ve removed, tweaked and added a few new elements to address this. This includes features that seem obvious but improve the player experience – especially for new players to The Ship.

+ After weeks and week of bailing us out, our code team finally tracked down and plugged a horrendous memory leak on our dedicated servers. You should now see a reduction in player lag and crashes!

+ We squashed a lot of bugs!

What’s on its way

We are working hard in the coding yards, are going through all your feedback, and will be releasing regular builds as we pop in more rivets.

We even have a plan! Check out The Roadmap[www.blazinggriffin.com] if you want to see what the future holds and what we’re working on next.

You can also give suggestions, report a bug, ask questions or generally chat about the game on our Steam Forums.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, so please do come and help us make this game the well-mannered murder-fest it deserves to be.

Bon Voyage!
— The Ship: Remasted Team.

New Features

Player Management
+ Players can now be banned by entering their player ID in the console.
+ Players are kicked for excessive killing of innocent players.
+ Kicked players are informed why they have been banned.

+ (Ongoing) optimisation of draw calls and occlusion portals across all levels.
+ Improved performance when spawning items.
+ Reduced database search time for MFK table.
+ Significant improvement to performance spike when first equipping a weapon.
+ Item spawning improved on Connemara.
+ Bots no longer create a DB compound where it is not required.
+ Reduced garbage generated when checking for crimes using the Justice system.
+ Localisation component no longer uses string.Format, saving on garbage every time it updates.
+ Reduced garbage generated by the Needs system.
+ Data no longer sent every frame when a player is present in a Trespass Area.
+ Reduced amount of garbage generated by security objects by about a third.
+ Removed A.I. rig from the Security Guard models.
+ A.I. rig is now removed from a normal player if running a Dedicated or Listen Server.

+ Added game mode description pop-up on game entry.
+ Removed the hunter/passenger select screen on game entry.
+ Improved player health visibility.
++ Added health bar, damage vignette and poison vignette.
+ Waiting for next round HUD Quarry icon added.
+ Improvements to end-of-game messaging.
++ Players now get notified when there are 60, 30 or 10 seconds until the game ends.
++ Added a win reason to the Game Winner pop-up.
+ ‘Hunters remaining’ indicator added for Elimination game modes.
+ Text on trespass bar now changes based on whether you are currently being witnessed or not.
+ HUD Fixes including less obtrusive cross hair and scaling of messaging.
+ Refined cross hair after feedback. Smaller, more transparent and removed centre circle.
+ Added IP address to the Join Server screen.
+ Added fade to front end UI.

+ Increased the rate of Needs across all settings.

+ Increased the base volume of all sounds in the game by 10%.
+ Water splash SFX added.

+ Enlarged scorch decals.
+ Water splash VFX added.

Dedicated Servers
+ Added timestamp to Server Console Logging.
+ Added date to server console timestamp.
+ Added Server Log file.

+ Added keyboard binding option for ToggleConsole.

Credits Scene
+ Credits scene implemented.

+ You can now hit the return key to hit the “OK” button on the password entry screen.

Bug Fixes

Andrea Doria
+ Location markers no longer block the room name pop-up appearing.
+ Fixed trap VFX clipping through walls and floors.

+ Changed the colour of the paddle trap wood to be consistent with the rest of the deck.
+ Fixed character colliding with wall lights in Orion Lounge next to Sickbay.

+ Can no longer get behind the bank counter.

+ Fixed issues with shadows being cast from decals.
+ Fixed duck prop being positioned too low on book shelf.
+ Fixed items spawning in lockers to be more relevant for the ship.

Dedicated Servers
+ Fixed horrendous memory leak on dedicated servers.
+ Same purse or wallet can no longer be picked up multiple times.
+ Fixed some issues where extreme lag would cause games to break entirely.
+ Fixed random game mode function not working on dedicated servers.
+ Fixed duplicate ‘[Player] has joined the game’ messages appearing on the server log.
+ Stopped outputting “Player has come aboard” on server after a player has been replaced (changed sex).
+ Stopped Dedicated Server trying to initialise and update Steam Controller.
+ Fixed player info not being removed when they disconnected.

Game Settings
+ Fixed values for Maximum/Minimum Participants and Witnesses that exceed game limits.
+ Increased Time Between rounds minimum value to 10 seconds to ensure Quarries are designated correctly.

+ Fixed characters repeatedly jumping (bouncing up and down).
+ Fixed characters turning into floating heads after killing their quarry.
+ Characters should now also flinch backwards or forwards based on the direction of the hit.
+ Characters should no longer slide while flinching.
+ Corrected world leader blendshape names and enlarged their pupils (UVs).
+ Animations no longer occur when the game is started.
+ Fixed character continuing to swing or fire weapon when the game ends.

+ Fixed spawners never clearing their list of spawned items after they had been destroyed.

+ Bunk bed interaction camera now displays two beds instead of just bottom bunk.
+ Single beds no longer allow two people to interact with them at the same time.
+ Fixed interaction not being reset correctly – when you took a drink from a can via Inventory after sleeping, your camera would switch back to the bed instead of showing you drinking.

+ Created new particle VFX of vomit and tweaked splatter material properties.
+ Removed dynamic lights from the muzzle flashes.

+ Join Server panel can now scroll down.
+ Amount of servers displayed now reflects only the active servers.
+ Fixed the position of the number of servers display.
+ Players no longer see the cursor during the end-game states.
+ MFK, Needs and Leaderboard no longer stay on screen during extreme Needs/arrested.
+ Inventory and Deck Plans no longer stay on screen during extreme Needs/arrested.
+ Deck Plans handle removing MFK/Leaderboard/Needs when active.
+ MFK/Leaderboard can handle being on-screen at the same time.
+ Fixed the grammar in the text for the Sauna information localisation.
+ Resume game button is no longer permanently highlighted in the Esc Menu.
+ A lot of the HUD UI was intercepting raycasts which was unnecessary.
+ Turned off Passenger Info on HUD by default so it doesn’t stay up in WL and Deathmatch modes.

+ Fixed duplicate animation triggers in various maps for steam traps.
+ Weapons should now fall when the Atalanta paddle trap is activated.

+ Chatbox now persists through death.
+ Chat no longer controls player actions after death/game end.

Steam Controller
+ Can now enter server passwords using the Steam Controller.
+ Change status UI prompt now features a glyph for Steam Controller pause button.

+ Fixed the Apply button not closing the Options menu.
+ Fixed default controls button not switching controls back to the default value.

+ Fixed crash when closing game while bots are enabled.
+ Fixed low message queue limit causing errors to appear.
+ Room triggers were not properly removing players from the “playersInRoom” list when toggling back and forth on the boundary of two or more rooms.

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