Ahoy Hunters!

Now The Ship: Remasted has set sail from Early Access, we will still be releasing updates as we discover bugs or the need for other improvements.

Below you’ll find the Version 1.1 patch notes! We also released a hot fix last week to address a minor player management bug – apologies for any server downtime as a result.

Remember, you can give suggestions, report a bug, ask questions or generally chat about the game on our Steam Forum.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, so please do come and help us make this game the well-mannered murder-fest it deserves to be. If anything is driving you crazy, come chat to us about it — we’ll do our best to respond with fixes.

Oh and if you missed it, here’s our end of Early Access trailer made by the very talented Cam and Seb!

The Ship Remasted Team.


New Features

+ Redced time taken to get an item from any database by about half.

Display Options
+ Added 720p resolution option.
+ Added enable/disable VSync option.

+ Increased number of bots available in Dedicated Servers from 4 to 6.

Bug Fixes

+ Fixed being able to use the same interaction at the same time as a bot.

+ Fixed incorrect MFK value being displayed on HUD in Deathmatch.

+ Fixed not being able to scroll the console window.
+ Fixed the Cancel button always being highlighted on the Quit Game pop-up.

+ Fixed trespassing SFX persisting to the Main Menu when quitting a game.

+ Fixed explosive weapons being removed from Inventory when player is killed innocently.
+ Fixed duplicate painting props.
+ Fixed thrown explosives not being cleared from the item database.

Andrea Doria
+ Fixed unused trigger rooms being present.

+ Fixed kitchen trap VFX appearing outside of the kitchen.
+ Fixed sun flare appearing through the roof.
+ Fixed unused trigger rooms being present.

+ Fixed kitchen trap VFX appearing outside of the kitchen.
+ Fixed gap in geometry in the lift.

+ Fixed players being able to jump on to the lifeboats.

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