The Ship: Remasted will launch on Steam Early Access this February and Blazing Griffin is looking for fans of the original game to get involved.

One of the challenges of remastering an old game is striking a balance between replicating old features that players have fond memories of, and improving them.  A reddit user joked recently that The Ship’s convoluted solution to connect to servers is part of the original game’s charm!  But, we think we can all agree that it’s also something that can, and should be improved upon!

This is why we’re taking an iterative approach to releasing the game, starting with a few maps at launch in February and releasing the remaining content and features over the next few months.

This means we can get feedback from fans on the changes we’ve made…like the UI, the layout of security and the values of the needs system.  These are relatively small tweaks, but we’d like to know from fans…does it still feel like The Ship?  We believe it does and fans will be happy with the approach we’ve taken with these things.

Early Access isn’t for all games or all studios (or for all players), but we’ve always been transparent with our communities and we think it’s a great process to release The Ship: Remasted through.  We’ve already taken on a lot of player feedback throughout this project and we want to hear what fans think of what we’ve done so far and to help steer the direction that The Ship takes.

Drop by the Steam community and let us know what you think.

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  1. Jatos

    The “old” ship was one of my favourite games.
    It still makes really fun. I had a glad time with the Single Player (and the Multy-Player although not all of my friends got the game) and I really look forward to this ;).

    Also I am really intersseted in changes. Of course changes are a huge thing cause they can make the game even better or even worse. The “old” Ship was really cool so I think the canges will be even better.

    I would like to help the “The-Ship” Team with critic and my impressions. As I saw at here , there are pretester. I would like to be one of them as well :). I also saw that the game is getting released in Feb. so I hope I get a quick answer. At the Steam Group “The Ship: Remasted” I saw many questions from pretester and others but I couldn´t find a “join this awesome group”-button. Please fix ;(

    We will see each other with different names again 🙂


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