Ahoy Hunters!

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been tightening a few more rivets on The Ship: Remasted and throwing more stowaway bugs overboard. You can see all of the V1.2 changes below in the patch notes.

Most notably, the code team have worked hard to fix some networking issues that were reported on our forums. The biggest of these were hit detection problems in online matches, as well as location syncing and animation errors – these were prioritised for this update.

We also gave the Linux build a scrub as we had reports of crashes and  received some output logs. Sending your crash logs to us is really helpful when you want to report a bug. Our Bug reporting guide can help you do this.

Remember, you can give suggestions, report a bug, ask questions or generally chat about the game on our Steam Forum.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, so please do come and help us make this game the well-mannered murder-fest it deserves to be. If anything is driving you crazy, come chat to us about it – we’ll do our best to respond with fixes.

–The Ship: Remasted Team.



+ Fixed player hit detection in online games.
+ Fixed movement of players not being synchronised correctly.
+ Fixed low accuracy of thrown weapon locations in online games.
+ Fixed animations occurring twice (were being called once on the client machine and once on the server) for local players.
+ Fixed host player not always being the first player added to new games.

+ Fixed characters having invisible bodies on a map or mode change.
+ Fixed characters having invisible bodies when joining a game.

+ Fixed Bots being able to run when they have extreme fatigue.
+ Fixed Bots all running to the same safe place continually.
+ Fixed Bots running more often than they should.
+ Fixed Bots moving when they should not have control (end of round, arrested etc.)
+ Fixed Bots not doing the change clothes animation after respawning with a new Identity.
+ Fixed Bots using syringes like regular stabbing weapons.

+ Fixed chat feature being unavailable on multiple screens.
+ Fixed pressing ‘ or ` while in chat opening the console.

+ Fixed some crashes occurring on Linux.

Player Management
+ Fixed Bots appearing in the kick list when calling a vote.
+ Fixed ability to change to World Leaders modes when there are more than 10 players.
++ Bots are removed if the number of total players exceeds 10 due to Bots being present.

+ Fixed needs SFX being audible for other players.

Weapons Spawning
+ Fixed issue where weapons would continually spawn on the Huronian bridge.
+ Fixed unused weapon spawner in Andrea Doria.
+ Fixed weapons not spawning in Cotopaxi filing cabinets.

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