Raise the anchor.  I said raise the anchor.  I know we’ve missed our launch date.  I don’t care if the dockmaster is on holiday, we need to set sail.  We have a schedule to keep.  HE insists…

Last week the weather was a little stormy, so we delayed leaving port.  It’s a little calmer out there this week, but there are still some rough waters to navigate before we make our way into open waters.

This is an Early Access game, which means not all content and features are currently live.  Please visit our Development Roadmap for information on what’s still to come.

Our Weekly Weather Report has a little bit more detail on the current situation with online multiplayer, but here’s the short version:

  • LAN Games – live and working well (16 players). Check out Yogcast’s recent playthrough of a LAN game to get an idea of performance.
  • Hosted Relay Games – we’ve rolled this option out to testers and it’s working in a limited capacity (we’re working with Unity to resolve these issues).  Until then, these matches are limited to 4 players and there will be a cap on concurrent users.  This means that if everyone decides to join a game at the same time, some of you may experience connection problems.  Please bear with us on this one!
  • Standalone Servers currently in internal testing and we’d expect this to become available within a matter of weeks. This will allow players to setup their own self-hosted servers without the limitations of hosted relay matches, but would require rendering support (your host machine would need a graphics card to run the host instance of the game).  This is intended as a mid-way solution to full dedicated servers.
  • Dedicated Servers – a downloadable tool that will run headless (no rendering support required). This is also currently in internal testing and should be available shortly after standalone servers.

The maps we are launching with and core features are all in pretty good shape due to extra time spent on getting them ready for launch.   Although there are a number of bugs, they are relatively small and resolved quickly (and doing so makes working on the larger maps more manageable as a number of underlying issues will have already been resolved).

Part of our process is looking at the feedback from our group of testers to iterate on what we already have – you can check out what we’ve achieved over the past month here:

Going forward, our plan is to roll out new content in stages so we’re able to gather focused feedback on specific maps and features.  Involving the community to the extent we are and doing something useful with that information, is a huge undertaking for a small studio – a staged approach helps us logistically to manage that input.  The team all agree that launching now is the right thing to do.  It’s manageable, scalable and absolutely the most effective way we can factor feedback from fans of The Ship into what we’re doing.

Buying into an unfinished product isn’t something we’d ask you to do and we’re not doing that now.  If you’re not sure about whether Remasted is for you, then our suggestion would be to wait and decide later.  Follow our progress for even a few weeks and you’ll see the quality of the work we are producing and how we involve players.

If you do decide to support us through this phase, then THANK YOU!

Seriously, you have no idea how much it means to everyone here at Blazing Griffin that so many people have supported the development of this project (and in particular, some of the original Ship devs are especially teary-eyed as we approach launch!).

If any of you would like to come along for the ride, then you’re welcome. Very, very welcome!  Sharpen your toasting forks and prime your wallet bomb.  The Ship is ready to set sail!

How can you help?

No matter how small your efforts, any contribution to the project will be great appreciated.  In particular, we’re looking for players to:

  1. Join in our testing as we roll out new content and features. You can find more information on how to opt-in to the closed testing branch.
  2. Help us testing the hosted relay servers. Even with limitations to how these perform, we can still make good use of your feedback to help improve performance and identify bugs.
  3. Let us know what you think! Drop by the Steam Community and say hi!



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