Ahoy Hunters!

We’re excited to announce that today The Ship: Remasted has left Early Access!

Since the launch of The Ship: Remasted into Early Access back in February, we have focused on upgrading not just the visuals of the original game, but improving the gameplay mechanics, bots, audio design, animations, online functionality and much more. We love The Ship (many members of our current team worked on the original!) and we didn’t want to just remake the game exactly as it was, but modernise it to bring it to a new audience.

Unsurprisingly, a lot breaks when you move code from 2006 into a modern game engine! This meant that we had to rewrite large parts of the codebase (ahem, almost all of it), which took much longer than anticipated.

We made the decision to change a few features, and updated some of the more outdated game design as well. In lots of ways, Remasted has been a great opportunity to address some of the feedback the game has had over the years, even as far back as the original Gold Source mod (hello 2004)! Overhauling the UI and in-game messaging has made the game easier for new players to pick up, while still maintaining the feel and fun of the original. The emphasis was improving the feel or functionality of things, so we have changed or removed features to that effect.

Now that the online multiplayer features and servers have weathered much of the developmental storms and are now sailing calmer seas, we’re planning some community vs. developer play sessions, streaming, and more. Don’t forget, you and your friends will also get a free copy of the original The Ship: Murder Party when you buy The Ship: Remasted.

Moving The Ship: Remasted out of Early Access marks the point where we see the core gameplay as complete and something that provides an enjoyable experience. However, this does not mean the end of updates! Just as we have continued to update Distant Star: Revenant Fleet, we will continue to work on The Ship: Remasted to make it the best it can be. The die-hard fans among you may feel that some features are ‘missing’. As with any game development, we’ve had to prioritise certain features over others. Our goal here has been to create the most enjoyable game we can, and this will still be the case moving forward.

Our priority in the short term will be to catch and throw those pesky bug stowaways overboard. We’d also love to add new content, such as characters and maps, as and when possible.

Of special note, we want to thank all of our community testers and everyone who bought The Ship: Remasted in Early Access for your support – as a small team, it means so much to us. We urge you to keep the feedback coming on the forums so we can continue to update and improve the game with your wishes in the forefront of our minds.

We’ll be releasing an updated Road Map in the next couple of weeks so you can see what’s coming next. A few things to look forward to are: achievements, a quick-play button to get you into populated online matches faster, and more bot and server improvements.

Oh, and do remember, the forums reely are a safe plaice to have a good sea pun.

— The Ship Remasted Team.

Without further ado, here is the Version 1 patch notes!

Improved features list

  • Much improved visuals, from environmental rendering to character, prop, and sky-box redevelopment. UI and splash screens have been redesigned throughout.
  • Full server and server-browser support is now back in operation for the first time in years — now it’s easy to play together. Listen servers are now a thing.
  • Improved messaging. It was very confusing for new players to know what they were doing in the original game. We’ve added a lot more information about what’s happening and what you should be doing.
  • The Ship deck plan re-design has made it easier at a glance to understand where you are on the ship, your quarry’s last known position, and where the nearest interactions are to satisfy your needs or go to the Bank.
  • Inventory re-design – made the process of equipping items and organising them within the inventory more intuitive, and improved the general navigation of the inventory
  • UI overhaul – streamlined the UI to get the most useful information on the screen, and got rid of stuff that wasn’t imperative (or could live somewhere else)
  • Security and trespassing – moved vast majority of the security to make new security zones that are friendlier to new players. Added better trespassing indications so it’s more clear when you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be.
  • Spawning – spawn points have been randomised so that you spawn all over the ships, not just in the cabins. This encourages movement around the ships, and helps stop spawn camping (particularly in Deathmatch!)
  • Entirely new bot AI. This still has a few teething problems, but is much improved over the ‘lurker’ AI in the original.
  • There’s a whole host of other refinements and requested improvements — check out our patch list for details.
  • We’ve added 7.87% more puns, just for the halibut. (7.88%


New Features

New levels
+ Cotopaxi level added.
+ Rubicon level added.

+ Implemented LODs on all characters.
+ Optimised camera effects.
+ Optimised materials and shaders.
+ Materials collapsed and reduced to 1 material/shader where possible on props.

+ Release Notes no longer appear by default on the Main Menu screen.
+ Create Server and Arcade Mode pop-ups now have sliders for setting human/bot players.
+ The top kill from the previous round is displayed in a pop-up.
+ Improved messaging when player is unable to connect to a game.
+ Removed “Alpha” references and replaced with “Build”.

Game rules
+ Players can only switch between Hunter and Passenger between game rounds.

+ Added new spawn points outside of cabins to all levels.
+ Randomised the spawning more.
+ Added transition fades when the player respawns.

+ Bots enabled for online games.
+ Improved weapon searching.
++ Bots either look again for a top 20 MFK weapon or stick with what the find.
++ A top 20 MFK weapon is preferred over any weapon by a 3:1 factor.
+ Improved navigation.
++ Ensured all the interactions have nearby navigation probes.
++ Added check to see if the point passed in is already on the mesh before choosing the nearest probe.
++ Bots consider navigating to more rooms with containers to prevent them rapidly changing direction.
+ If Bots aren’t attacking they are considerably more likely to react to the sound gunfire.
+ Bots no longer have a random delay between checking security status.
++ Bots always holster their weapon if their next path point is in a secure area.

+ Tweaked trap floor animation to move back slightly so it’s less forgiving.

+ Removed the second player spawner from first class cabins in Connemara.
+ Removed the security area from the security booth in Connemara.

Andrea Doria
+ Removed trespass zone from the Marco Graza storage area in Andrea Doria.
+ Removed Mr X room and added wall in Library.

+ Removed collision around pool in Huronian.

New navigation mesh
+ New navmesh generated for each level.

Bug Fixes

+ Fixed the movement of other players appearing ‘laggy’.
+ Fixed lag spikes when attempting to hit other players.
+ Fixed lag spikes when equipping or swapping weapons.
+ Fixed other players appearing in the wrong location when sleeping or sitting.
+ Fixed player spawning positions not being synchronised across dedicated servers.
+ Fixed interacting with an object while running causing clients to lose animations.

+ Fixed “Hunters Remaining” text in Elimination not updating when Hunters become passengers.
+ Fixed “Talk” and “Push” options being incorrectly displayed on the CSI menu.
+ Fixed certain character positions on passwords not functioning.
+ Fixed player location not being updated after they were killed innocently.
+ Fixed missing key bindings text on the Options menu.
+ Fixed Quarry portrait being visible when the player is asleep.
+ Fixed character names disappearing too quickly after interacting with them.
+ Fixed sauna description being used for shower trap examination.
+ Fixed CSI menu not appearing when trap deactivated.
+ Fixed “Time Between Rounds” and “Countdown To Hunt” being available to edit in Deathmatch and/or Elimination.
+ Fixed Quarry icon appearing on deck plans in Deathmatch.
+ Fixed server name and password fields having unlimited amount of characters.
+ Fixed white squares appearing on the Inventory.
+ Fixed LAN game names not handling uses of colons (:)
+ Fixed Arcade Mode pop-up window not showing map description.
+ Fixed the word “Asian” not being capitalised in the Turban’s description.
+ Fixed the description of Male Fedora hat missing a comma.
+ Fixed players being able to edit the Esc menu key binding.

+ Fixed Bots keeping their weapons equipped and constantly attacking after a kill.
+ Fixed Bots issue where you could not interact with anything after attacking a Bot.
+ Fixed Bots failing in Deathmatch when entering security areas.
+ Fixed Bots not dropping purses or wallets after being killed.
+ Fixed Bots queuing in security areas waiting for their Quarry to leave the area.
+ Fixed Bots not reacting to attacks.
+ Fixed Bots navigation becoming broken when the level changed.
+ Fixed Bots beginning to strafe when attacking.

+ Fixed weapons flickering when spawning on the ground.
+ Fixed players colliding with weapon pickups.
+ Fixed weapons not being cleared from the inventory after being thrown.
+ Fixed weapons despawning when in the process of being picked up.
+ Fixed other players joining causing you to equip/unequip weapons.
+ Fixed switching between empty and full syringes not updating the model.
+ Fixed clients not being able to see holstered weapons on the host being equipped.
+ Fixed no SFX on firearms when used by bots.
+ Fixed no animation occurring when switching between versions of the same weapon.
+ Fixed host player being unable to equip weapons after a client joined.
+ Fixed out of sync audio fire rate of the Blunderbuss.
+ Fixed wall mounted Winchester and Blunderbuss not spawning correctly.
+ Fixed wall mounted Claymore not being removed when picked up.
+ Fixed shank and stabbing attacks not leaving decals.

+ Fixed pickup animations to play for relevant heights.
+ Fixed client players’ heads disappearing for one frame.
+ Fixed being unable to change clothing items during the twirl animation.
+ Fixed players floating in interactions without interaction points.
+ Fixed missing fingers on female animations.
+ Fixed ragdoll not falling when frozen.
+ Fixed frozen VFX not appearing on the character when jumping.
+ Fixed brig uniform material becoming separated from character arm when stabbing.

+ Fixed players spawning in the holding room if killed innocently.

+ Fixed the constantly reducing fatigue on suicide/innocent death, allowing infinite running.
+ Fixed being able to run without increasing fatigue on high lag.
+ Fixed arrows not displaying when needs values increased or decreased.
+ Fixed needs not being reduced if killed innocently.

+ Fixed no collision on bookshelf prop.
+ Fixed transparent material on toilet tissue prop.

Map changes
+ Fixed map transition not occurring correctly when Map Time reaches 0 during Game End screen.

Game rules
+ Fixed players being assigned a Quarry who is no longer in the game loop when a Quarry is reassigned.

+ Fixed being able to interact with shops through the storefront.

+ Fixed windows being unbreakable on dedicated servers.

Player management
+ Fixed players being able to leave and rejoin the game to vote twice.

+ Fixed no collision on the bell prop.
+ Fixed spawned weapon floating on the Bow Deck.
+ Fixed the trap camera not being activated when players die in the paddle trap.
+ Fixed guards in courtroom having interactions.
+ Fixed security office having interactions.

Andrea Doria
+ Fixed ‘Menswear’ text overflow on the Deck Plan.
+ Fixed freezer trap VFX clipping through ceiling and floor.
+ Fixed guards in courtroom having interactions.

+ Fixed incorrect material applied to the deck bell.
+ Fixed interactions present on the filing cabinet, chair and vault bar doors in security office.
+ Fixed guards in courtroom having interactions.

+ Fixed fire VFX falling through and being visible on decks below the fireplace.
+ Fixed missing collision on large oval bench.
+ Fixed missing collision on the prison archway.
+ Fixed missing collision on wall behind Foyer receptionist.
+ Fixed guard interactions present in the Courtroom.
+ Fixed props and geometry being enabled in the Mr X room.
+ Fixed bots not being able to use bench.

+ Fixed double weapons being spawned in the pool container.
+ Fixed incorrect material applied to the deck bell.
+ Fixed players being able to jump through windows.
+ Fixed no collision on Cargo Hold door.
+ Fixed wardrobes in 2nd Class Cabins disappearing.
+ Fixed Deck Plan to match updated level design of Deck D.
+ Fixed interactions on box in satan room.
+ Fixed props and geometry in lower satan room.

+ Fixed collision on the stairs preventing player moving.
+ Fixed no collision on the map table.
+ Fixed there being no level collision around the view decks.
+ Fixed overly loud horn SFX.
+ Fixed decal overlapping in the Cargo Hold.
+ Fixed chair in the security office having an interaction present.
+ Fixed disabled props and room geometry in the room beside the Security Office.
+ Fixed disabled props and room geometry in radiation trap room.
+ Fixed trigger rooms in security and sickbay areas to allow for bot interaction.

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