Need some help hunting down your quarry?  Check out these hints & tips…

  • Check your Needs – don’t let any of your Needs fill or you will die!
  • Find a weapon – as soon as you have a weapon you can defend yourself and kill your Quarry.
  • Keep moving – your location is periodically flagged to your Hunter.
  • Talk to/examine people – find out their names, eliminate unknown passengers, and find out which one is your Quarry.
  • Find your Quarry – follow them to an area where you can kill them without being caught by Security or too many witnesses.
  • Stay alert – beware people who seem to be following you, and watch out when you are in areas with no security or passengers!
  • Stay focussed – watch you don’t rack up too many non-Quarry or Hunter kills. Some servers will automatically kick you if you do, and you’ll have to wait to get back in.
  • Kill your Hunter – remember you can kill them without penalty.
  • Make use of witnessing – security guards and cameras can be used to evade your Hunter for a while.
  • Look out for blind spots – cameras move and security doesn’t always have full coverage of a room, so you can take advantage of blind spots to take down your Quarry. Equally, your Hunter may use this technique to get you, so don’t get too complacent.
  • Bribe security guards – this will shut down security (guards and cameras) for a short period of time, allowing you to kill a Quarry who is ‘camping’ in a secure area.
  • Watch out for player witnessing – depending on the server settings, you can be witnessed by one or more players looking at you simultaneously. Be careful how many players are looking at you when you commit a crime or you may get arrested.
  • Keep an eye out for secrets – look out for moveable pictures, secret doors in bathrooms and even a few rooms that allow you to fire through pictures or mirrors into the rooms beyond. Some of these secret areas contain useful weapons and other items.
  • Remember to heal – did you survive an encounter?  You may be injured – visit sickbay and chat to the nurse to heal.

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