Multiplayer modes are set by the server and offer support for 8 – 16 players with the potential for 32 players on the larger maps.


In Hunt Mode, the game is divided into rounds. Once anyone kills their Quarry, a timer counts down to the end of the round, before everyone is assigned a new Quarry and the next round begins. Hunters who kill innocents are fined. The winner is the player with the most money in their bank account at the end of the game.


In Elimination Mode, you are knocked out of the kill loop if you are killed by your Hunter. If you kill your Quarry, you get a new one. The winner of a round is the last player left alive. Multiple rounds are played until one of the players achieves the victory conditions set by the server.


In Duel Mode, you can challenge another Hunter to a duel without the interference of other players, to settle arguments or to prove who the best Hunter is.


In Deathmatch Mode, players can kill anyone but must still avoid Security and take care of their Needs. High-paying weapons can be found on the ‘Money For Kills’ table.


In Team Mode, players are divided into two teams with one player on each team designated as a VIP. For a team to win, it must kill the opposing team’s VIP while protecting its own. Team members wear the same costume so they can recognize each other. VIPs also wear a crown.

Single Player

Arcade Mode

An offline arcade mode allows players to play Hunt against AI, honing their skills for the multiplayer arena.


The game is set on a number of luxury cruise liners. There are 6 multiplayer maps, each with different layouts, and each catering for differing numbers of players, and to allow for fast paced or slower games.

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