We got a lot of great press coverage and response to the Kickstarter launch for Full Steam Ahead and thanks to all of you who ran articles.

You spoke. We listened!

Perceived public opinion raised some relevant criticisms of the Kickstarter.

So we have added a new “talking heads” video, explaining our intentions more clearly.

The new video will make our Kickstarter goals clearer, as we explain why Full Steam Ahead will be an up-to-date, relevant sequel to the original hit.

We’ve added artwork; showing the transition of the game from 1920’s ships into the new steampunk setting of Full Steam Ahead and what’s more… we mention tea.

This is the type of studio Blazing Griffin are…receptive of feedback and critique. Adapting to what you’re telling us and, within reason, changing to make our message more relevant to the wider community. Open development at its best.

We’d be delighted if you could have another look, tell everyone and let us know what you think.

We’re interested in your responses, your backing and going Full Steam Ahead.


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