As it stands, Mr. X has been luring passengers onto his luxury cruise, to enjoy an elegant party brimming with murder and deceit for just over seven years. Two of those blissful, murder-filled years, have been under the custodianship of Blazing Griffin. And while it may have been some time since we’ve made mention of The Ship: Murder Party, The Griffin still has no intention of giving up on the ol’ gal.

The on-board status of The Ship: Murder Party.

Ever since we’d gotten our hands on The Ship, we’ve been eager to further develop and enhance the game. However, because of issues in technology licensing, we are restricted in what we can change in the current release. At this point, we can actually change very little. This can obviously become quite frustrating for players in our community, and of course ourselves as developers. However, we are looking into a few different options, in an attempt to move things forward.

Which courses are we veering towards you ask?

The first and probably longest standing solution we’ve had in mind  is to acquire the Source licence which would enable us to update and amend the game. For some time now we’ve been in talks with Valve about acquiring this licence. Unfortunately, this is not a quick process, and we can almost definitely expect a long wait for results.

Another solution we’ve been considering would be to move the game onto another engine, where our current restrictions would be lifted. This could come with a large array of issues ranging from funding to development; right up to a need to re-publish on Steam.

As you can imagine, both routes will not be easy to accomplish, and neither will they be particularly quick. However, we love The Ship and its wonderfully murderous community, and we’re determined to do what we can to keep this murder party going on for as long as possible! Which brings us neatly on to:

Our plans for future voyages.

Although the word “future”may suggest time travel or perhaps even space (Distant Star?)  what we’re actually trying to reference here are our expectations for the future. Which of the above courses we choose to follow will drastically change the way we move forward. They will determine for instance, how The Ship: Full Steam Ahead will be built and further developed, and whether it will come as a standalone or an extension of The Ship: Murder Party.

This of course, is a huge decision and it will take time to be sure that every possible option, is meticulously considered. Fortunately though, this opens up some space to implement our plans for the not-so-far-away future. Plans which include integration of Steam community content into The Ship: Murder Party, such as trading cards, achievements and lots of other shiny goodies! Exciting stuff all round!

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