We get a lot of questions what The Ship: Murder Party is all about, and there’s sometimes confusion about the different the differences between the multiplayer (which most people consider to be the true game) and the single player (which is generally considered to be more akin to a tutorial).

The plot centres around the mysterious Mr X who has lured you and other unsuspecting victims aboard his luxury cruise ship with the gift of free tickets.  When on board you are faced with the reality of your situation – your free ticket comes with a catch!   You now find yourself in a kill or be killed fight for survival.

Mr X gives each guest a target – another guest who they most kill.  But be wary, someone else has your name and is on their way to claim their quarry!

The Ship isn’t a standard multiplayer game – there are a number of additional gameplay mechanics you have to take into account:

  • Security!  There are security guards and cameras throughout the each map.  If you are seen to kill another player, you’ll end up in jail (a temporary measure, but you’ll have to wait to be released).
  • Environment!  Your target doesn’t need to see you coming if you set a trap for them!
  • Drugs!  Well, poison and sedatives in syringes.
  • Life!  You need to eat, drink, sleep, shower and even go to the toilet – and you’ll be vulnerable while you do so.

Let’s face it.  You’re missing out by not playing The Ship.  May as well go and sort yourself out with a copy.

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