Hi all,

Here’s a fix to the problem connecting to the Master Game Server.

  • Exit Steam
  • Navigate to ..\Steam\userdata\XXXXXXXX\config\  (where XXXXXXXX is your Steam ID)
  • Rename localconfig.vdf to something like oldlocalconfig.vdf, just in case you need to restore the old one for some reason.
  • Launch Steam
  • Play Ship!

You’ll lose some of your Steam settings after you do this, but nothing major. Anything you do lose can be reset some under Steam’s settings panel.

When you restart Steam, after renaming the file, a new one (with unflawed license information) is created.

If you only have one account then there will only be one folder under the \userdata folder. If you have more than one account make sure you pick the right folder. If you do chose the wrong one you can always remove the new localconfig.vdf file that was created and rename the old one back.

This problem happens quite a lot when new people purchase the game. Quite a few people ask why we do not fix this problem but Blazing Griffin only have the rights to publish the game rather than fix the code, so unfortunately the fix is the best we can do.

There are other fixes out there too, so if this doesn’t work let us know and we’ll look for another work around.


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