Weapons on board the Ship are many and varied. If you can pick up an object, you can probably also use it as a weapon. Use your intuition here, for example a knife is obviously a good weapon whereas a top hat is probably not.


There are a number of bludgeoning weapons on board, ranging from hammers to mannequin arms and tennis rackets.


Anyone for tennis? Probably not the best choice of weapon.


Take a look around for knives, katanas, letter openers and other stabbing weapons.


Guns are harder to find, but some of the crew and passengers do have firearms on board. If you can find the armoury, you’ll find a host of weapons at your disposal. The flare gun can have an interesting effect on your Quarry…


You can poison your Quarry if you can find the right method of delivery. And where the poison might be stored… The doctor’s office is often a good place to look.

Environmental Traps & Triggers

Some locations on board are quite lethal if you can catch or lure your Quarry there. Try the freezer or the sauna. Or why not drop a lifeboat on their head?


There are a number of other, more bizarre, ways to dispatch your quarry if you can find them…

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  1. Clyde

    Hi! I really appreciate the guides! Extremely useful for newcomers, I imagine, and I am so glad to see continual support from you guys! Question though, I’ve always wondered. Do sharp objects have a different effect than blunt. I.e. The tennis racket vs. the knife? Do they all take 3 hits to murder someone? Or do the lesser-weapon-like objects do less damage? I just thought some clarification would be useful. Thanks!

    • Blazing Griffin

      The main difference between weapons is that they have different reward values for killing someone, which changes as the game plays out. This is to ensure that people don’t stick to the same weapon and try out some of different ones. There are some differences in the damage weapons do, but not so much that you’d notice. The idea is to stalk your Quarry and quickly kill, so most do the job pretty fast. 🙂

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