It’s the 1920s, and you and several other passengers have been invited onto a ship by the mysterious Mr. X. and must now participate in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Awarded in cash when you kill your fellow contestants, you must kill the quarry selected for you by Mr. X before your own hunter gets a chance to kill you. The winner is the player who survives the required number of rounds with the most cash for kills.

Game Overview

The Ship is a PC-only, first-person, multiplayer game. It’s primarily played against other human players on a local area network (LAN) or online, but can also be played in a single-player (or several-player) arcade mode versus AI ‘bots’. There is also a stand-alone, single-player story version of the game.

In the purest form of the game—Hunt— the aim is to be the player with the most money in their bank account at the end of the match.

The rules are simple: taking on the role of a Hunter, each of you is given the name and image of a Quarry—one of the other contestants –– whom you must hunt down and kill with any weapon you can find.

As well as having someone to hunt, you will have another player hunting you—so keep looking over your shoulder if you want to stay alive. If you find yourself being followed, lose your Hunter in the corridors and rooms of the ship, or use the security guards and cameras to protect yourself. Alternatively, lure your Hunter into a quiet corner and kill them before they kill you—attack is often the best form of defence.

To find your Quarry, try talking to people or examining them to find out their names (focus your firing reticule on a player and press your Left Mouse Button when the ‘Talk’ or ‘Examine’ icons appear). Once you’ve found your Quarry, follow them stealthily or lure them into a location where you can murder them. Mr X will periodically give you the last-known location of your Quarry.

This will appear as a name on your HUD and is also marked as a location on your Deckplan (press ‘P’). If your Quarry is arrested or taken to the sickbay, you will be instantly notified.

If you were wondering, you can’t simply kill everyone on the off-chance they are your Hunter or Quarry—Mr. X takes a dim view of such behaviour and will fine you for random acts of murder.

Some server settings mean you can also be kicked from the game by killing too many innocents and must wait out a period of time before you can reconnect and play again on that server.


The game is set on a number of luxury cruise liners. There are 10 multiplayer maps with different layouts, allowing for differing numbers of players and faster or slower-paced games.


When you first arrive on board The Ship, you will most often find yourself in a cabin. All cabins have somewhere to sleep, and most have bathroom facilities. But importantly, all have various containers such as wardrobes and drawers where you can find a change of clothes to confuse your Hunter/Quarry and a range of weapons you can use to kill them.

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