We launched a caption competition to win a free Steam key for The Ship yesterday, for the image above.  Entries were reviewed by the whole team here at Blazing Griffin and the winner was decided by general consensus.

The Winner

Hunter Gilbert – “stop doing the robot miss, we have you surrounded.”

Congratulations! We’ll PM your key to you via Facebook – you might have to check your “Other” folder in messages – Facebook tends to put messages from business pages in there.

Honourable Mentions

We had some great entries, and while these didn’t win a key, we though they were worth a mention (in no particular order)!

Jerry Johnson“Rose! That sure is an excellent imitation of the robot though I’m not sure if I can sketch it so well with you having so much clothes on.”

Rick Sauer“Bob recognised his fashion faux pas. He knew it was weird hat day, but did nothing about it.”

Oscar Fajgel “Massacre in 3 .. 2 .. 1 everybody takes out a weapon and they get arrested.”

Filipe Pires“Omg!Its Leonardo DiCaprio!…..oh no…im on Titanic!”

Mauii Lock “Titanic Panic”

Fernando Montero“This is what happens when Hitman and The Sims have a baby. The Ship”

Julio Teh – “Excuse me Miss, you forgot your pur….” *BOOM*.

Thank you to everyone who entered and please keep an eye on our Facebook page for future competitions!

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