As you know Blazing Griffin are proud custodians of The Ship and we felt we should give you an idea of what’s going on.

We appreciate all the feedback we’ve been getting on various forums and value it. We’re here, listening to your thoughts and ways to implement some.

People asked if we could do a free weekend and this is unlikely to happen on Steam at the moment but doesn’t stop us doing a Special: We’re discussing the best time to get that running, when the Blazing Griffin team are available, so we can get served (especially me). We’re also considering other ways to address this.

We also plan to ensure there are servers available in all areas. We’d hope to have this up and running for Christmas but we’re not ones to create false promises, so when we’re good to go we’ll tell you.

There were many calls for new maps. We can’t integrate those into the game right now, I explain more below, but we’re happy to support the modding community in any way we can and point players towards the new maps created both here and on our Blazing Griffin forum and Facebook pages for Blazing Griffin, The Ship and the fan based page The Ship is ALIVE!

When it comes to The Ship itself, due to technology licensing reasons surrounding the game, making any changes to the game code including long standing bug fixes would mean reinstating the original license. Simply not the best option due to the cost.

Our team are working on developing two other projects (one might include deck quoits). Keep an eye on @BlazingGriffin, and the other communication channels, mentioned if you’re interested.

If these products and their launches go as well as we’re expecting, and you’ll have to wait until October to really see what is Steaming Ahead, then more Ship-like projects to entertain and involve you become far closer to reality…

Happy to hear your thoughts on our forums

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