Keep an eye on your Needs icons. These are displayed on your HUD as particular Needs become pressing, and change colour from green through to purple as they become more urgent. You can satisfy your Needs at locations all over the Ship. Use the map (press ‘P’) to find the nearest place. Some Needs have unpleasant consequences and some can be fatal, so it’s a good idea to carry some Need-satisfying items around with you if you don’t want to die of hunger or thirst.

This mechanic means you have to balance fulfilling your character’s Needs with the potential risk of trying to satisfy them—something that isn’t the easiest thing to do when you’re being hunted!

We love this mechanic – it forces all players to move throughout The Ship and prevents other players campaign key areas.

Your character’s needs

Eating & Drinking

If you don’t eat and drink, you will die, which also costs your character money. There are loads of places throughout The Ship to eat and drink, including vending machines, food you can carry in your inventory, and restaurants.


If your character doesn’t fulfil their need to sleep, they will, unsurprisingly, fall asleep on the spot, making you a perfect target for anyone who happens to be hunting to you (or indeed, anyone who just decides to kill you). There are beds all over The Ship—the question is, will anyone pay you a visit while you sleep?


Forever alone.


Nobody will like you if you smell. Take a shower or wash at a sink to fulfil this need.

Nature Calls

Your character will need to go Number 1 and Number 2 every now and again. Trust us, this is the last place you want your Hunter to find you!


Hunting can be lonely, so entertain your character by playing pool, reading or dancing—possibly just before you die at the hands of a slightly bemused Hunter.

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