The hugely popular World Leaders Pack is now available in The Ship: Remasted as part of a major new free update for the game.

Not only can you play with the original world leaders such as Thatcher, Castro, Blair and Bush from The Ship: Murder Party, but we’ve added two more potential leaders to the mix – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So whether you’re with Hillary or believe Trump can’t be stumped, take up arms and prove who’s the real captain of this ship! Since we’re in the Steam Summer Sale, The Ship: Remasted is 66% OFF right now, so if you buy before July 4th you’ll get it for just £4.99 / 6.79 Euros / $6.79.

Alongside the World Leader’s Pack, this latest update comes with a large number of additional new features and fixes that moves The Ship: Remasted ever closer to the end of Early Access. The full patch notes are linked below but the highlights include:

  • The release of the much-requested Mac and Linux builds with the ability to play against people on all platforms.
  • Steam controller support – Big picture!
  • Lots of further optimisation and bug fixes.
  • It’s also the 10th Anniversary of the launch of The Ship: Murder Party!

And remember,  when you buy or own a copy of The Ship: Remasted you’ll now get  The Ship: Murder Party for free!

For full info and patch notes from this new update, check out our Steam announcements page here.

Enjoy the cruise!

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