Hallowe’en is upon us! Oooh, scary. Not as scary as being stranded in the middle of the ocean on a murder cruise though! In fact, only one thing is scarier than that! Being stranded in the middle of the ocean on a murder cruise…alone! *sad face*

The Ship has seen somewhat of a revival this year with over 170k new players…which is just absolutely crazy for 10 year old game (we also came close to topping our highest ever number of players online at once)! Those new players join the 1 million+ players who have enjoyed The Ship over the years.

One of the challenges we face with The Ship is player retention. The player base, although large, has been spread over 10 years so there are times the servers can be a bit on the quiet side (although there are always people playing). This isn’t the case during sale periods though; we see an influx of new players trying the game out (we had almost 50k new players in the Summer Sale alone for example).

This is one of the reasons we’re making The Ship: Remasted (the remake of the original game) – it will allow us to extend the franchise more than we currently can and we’ve got LOTS of great plans on this front!

For these reasons, the team here at Blazing Griffin would like to make a polite request of our awesome players – come pay us a visit during the Hallowe’en weekend! It’s a great time to do it – loads of new players are checking out the game for the first time and there are generally new servers popping up too. And also, y’know, The Ship: Remasted isn’t that far off and we’re pretty sure some of you need to flex your murderin’ skills in preparation for that! We won’t be having any sloppy deaths on our shiny new boats…

It’s a great time to reinstall The Ship and pop back in for a quick game and catch up with your old buddies and we’re sure that new players would absolutely appreciate it too.

For all new players…welcome to The Ship! We hope you enjoy the game. We’ve put together a guide for new players on our blog – you can check it out here.

The Ship is currently 75% off in the Steam Hallowe’en Sale.

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