Yesterday Blazing Griffin entertained the press with The Ship: Full Steam Ahead. Showing the Kickstarter video and chatting about the game.

Keeping an open attitude towards the press is something we feel is important and they enjoyed the chance to browse the artwork, assets and talk openly to everyone in the team.

Much of the talk centred around Full Steam Ahead, with some great questions keeping us on our toes.

Those press will be able to share more details, including a stunning new image from our lead concept artist Paul Scott Canavan – available here on Monday – but we’re happy to tell you that the Kickstarter will be looking for a funding of £128,000 which is around the UK equivalent of the $200,000 we initial calculated.

For that amount we can complete a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which would be a new PC and Mac multiplayer version of the game set in a beautiful and grandiose steampunk environment, with new maps, weapons and a new game engine.

Beyond that it is up to the funders. If the crowdfunding reaps higher rewards, we would add more to that game, with further consideration of the majority of the community’s thoughts; such as single player, new game modes and more.

Rewards are completed, with background wallpapers at the lower end of the scale and increasing through T-Shirts, Beta and Alpha access, to the highest funding stream: getting flown to Edinburgh to meet the team for the games’ launch party. (There are tons of other rewards)

It’s great to see the internet and communities light up with the news of the game, and we’d like to thank anyone who is already eagerly thinking of funding this project and becoming an early adopter in this new franchise.

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