Hi everyone,

A small patch today to address some feedback from players about the final fight against the Erebus Platform being too tough.  While we do want this fight to be a challenge, the difficulty curve was a bit too high, so we’ve made a number of changes:

  • Erebus Danger Level no longer sets to maximum automatically.  This means you can rush through the final sector for a slightly easier fight (although you’ll miss opportunities to upgrade your fleet by doing so).
  • Reduced the size of enemy fleets in the Erebus battle.
  • Erebus warp in does 2000 damage down from 5000 and now pushes players away from Erebus.
  • Improvements to collision boxes surrounding Erebus.
  • Gauntlet starts easier and becomes more difficult.
  • Erebus fleets spawn in better fleet increments.

Let us know what you think of the update. 🙂

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