This is the second update of the year and it’s massive!  Full patch notes can be found below, but here’s a summary of the main changes and check out the Development Roadmap for an idea of what’s still to come.

Tactical Mode

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet - Pause Function

You asked.  We obliged!  Pausing the game now allows you to give commands to your ships:

  • 1 basic command can be given (attack, move or defend).
  • 1 additional targeted command can be given (e.g. targeted heal).
  • Other instant abilities can be used (buffs)

Pressing the SPACEBAR will pause and unpause the game.

We’re hoping that this will quite significantly improve combat for most players, but we’re not done adding improvements to the combat – there’s more to come with subsequent patches and general balancing and optimisation to take place.  Let us know what you think so far!

All Ships Unlocked in Starting Store

Fleet Browser - Distant Star

For the duration of alpha, players can now buy the Carrier, Rogue and Dreadnought class of ships in the starting shop.  This is to allow alpha players to experience all classes of ships and also so we can get feedback on each of them.  We’d love to hear what you think about them on our forums or in the Steam Community.

Note – this is for alpha ONLY!  After alpha, only the Pulsar, Tech and Lancer will be available in the starting shop.

Improved Loot Tables

Loot tables have been improved, which means missions can now reward more appropriate amounts of credits, weapon and system upgrades.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

In addition, all abilities will be displayed and usable regardless of what ship you currently have targeted (abilities on inactive ships were previously hidden).

As alpha progresses, ships will acquire more abilities – up to 5 per ship.

The abilities for the currently selected ship are triggered by the QWERT keys (for ability 1 to 5).  You can select different ships using the number keys or by using TAB to cycle through them.

New Weapons!

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

Annoyed by drones?  Well, the new Flak Barrage weapon will make your life easier – a targeted AE that will instantly kill any drones caught in its radius.

We’re also adding new Pulse weapons for the Pulsar – Sustained Mending Pulse which drops a static AE heal that heals any ally ships within it, and a Sustained Damage Pulse which causes damage to any enemy ships within its area of effect.

The new Divert Power ability will offer a temporary damage boost for Assault and Dreadnoughts, but will mean your ship takes more damage for the duration.

The Tech ship gets a new storm – the Ion Storm.  This is a targeted AE that will damage enemy shields and energy if they are within its radius.

You can deploy mines and turrets via your Carrier, which supplement the ships existing compliment of drones.

Mines & Turrets

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet - Mines

In addition to being deployable by your Carrier, mines and turrets have also been added as terrain features on maps.

Agro System

We’re improved the AI of enemy fleets to encourage them to attack more intelligently – they will now focus attacks on ships that do more damage to them rather than randomly selecting targets.

New Mission Type

The Hunt mission type has been added to the game – as the name suggests, your fleet will have to hunt down an enemy ship.


Full Patch Notes – v0.0.3.3

Mines & Turrets

  • Added mines and turrets for both factions.
  • Created assets and VFX for deployable turret
  • Created assets and VFX for deployable mines. Added land and active VFX to mines.
  • Implemented AI for mine launchers and turret launchers.
  • Mines updated to have an activation time after reaching their destination, and use tweening to allow smooth movement.
  • Adjusted the trail VFX for Turrets/Mines to use emission over time rather than distance.
  • Made an enemy version of the Mine Launcher VFX.
  • Environmental mines implemented.
  • Story Events set up to allow for spawning of minefields and random terrain, etc.

Pulse Weapons

  • Created the Sustained Damage Pulse attachment.
  • Added AI for the Sustained Damage Pulse.
  • Added sound for the Sustained Damage Pulse
  • Updated colours for Sustained Damage Pulse
  • Implemented the Sustained Mending Pulse.
  • Tweaked mending pulse AI for Sustained Mending Pulse.
  • Updated VFX on Sustained Mending pulse.Sustained Mending Pulse is no longer a stand-alone VFX, and is part of the sustained mending pulse support attachment.

Divert Power

  • Added AI for Divert Power attachment.
  • Updated Forced Targeting and Divert Power systems to use new VFX.
  • Added cost to Divert Power Attachment.
  • Divert Power AI should now run intelligently based off the time a weapon is next able to fire.

Flak Barrage

  • Implemented Flak Barrage attachment
  • AI implemented for Flak Barrage attachment.
  • Flak Barrage and Sustained Damage Pulse now use correct fake projectile.
  • Starting Assault ship now has Tactical Advantage attachment.


  • Added new button backgrounds to indicate automatic attachments on Fleet Bar.
  • Attachment buttons are now visible on ALL ships at all times, even deselected ships.
  • Added Targeting Icon.
  • Updated Move order VFX to be blue instead of orange.


  • Updated all the loot chance values.
  • Small chance now of Attachment rewards after every battle.
  • Upped starting credits from 1000 to 1200
  • Temp addition of all ships and the new Attachments to the starting shop.
  • Loot lists will now concatenate in both story events and story choices.
  • Added new Attachments to general loot lists and shops.
  • Removed a system slot from the Carrier. Carrier price decreased.
  • Changed a Rogue system slot to a support slot. Rogue price increased.

Maps & Missions

  • Added new Hunt2 and Hunt3 maps.
  • Created a working Hunt map template. Hunt mission updates.
  • Added pirate Hunt objective.
  • Added new randomisation to Hunt maps.
  • Orthani Hunt spawn lists added.
  • Added Hunt fleets.
  • Capture2 maps added.
  • Mission timer updates.
  • Map fixes and updates.


  • Added sounds for shield down and shield up.
  • Added new weapon and attachment sounds.
  • Changed the pitch shift on the charging sound so it is no longer ear-bleedingly high at the end of the charging sequence.
  • Lowered the volume on the weapon charging sound so it is equally non ear- bleeding.


  • Player Fleet Score – now re-calculates for lost ships.
  • New attachment types added to enemies.
  • Volatile Storm AI will only attack targets under 20% shield.
  • Removed targeting Critical as it was negatively affecting the Agro system.
  • Agro system update to make ships more sensitive to attack,  react when 1% damage has been done to a ship.
  • Removed kinematic from damaged ships.
  • Missile flight speed increased. Drones bullet and missile speeds brought in line with ships.
  • Modifiers can be applied when the attached ship takes damage (either of the  hull, shield and/or energy variety)


  • Added turn and jump out. Made sure ships jump out in a random direction.
  • Moved map tracker.
  • Changed damaged objectives to not be always visible.
  • Hunt mission now has a disc render.
  • Missile launcher firing spread and missiles fired per launch are now exposed to design.
  • Added new map backgrounds
  • Adjusted the timing of the right click target and defend VFX
  • Changed defence team tracker to be global instead of per map.
  • Amended 1.5 pirate fleet.
  • Text updates for various Events.
  • Modifiers added for hull damage, shield healing/damage, and energy healing/damage.
  • First pass of optimisation on Akari Ship Thruster/Trail VFX.
  • Explosion VFX Optimisation – inc. removed dead layers from prefabs, fixed layer time inconsistency.
  • Removed disabled particle systems from A’kari missile explosions.
  • Right-clicking enemies (or Attack + left click) now plays targeting VFX.
  • Defend + left click now plays friend-targeting VFX.
  • Empty special case for loot items has been added.
  • Nukes now travel based on a speed rather than an overall travel time.
  • Completed VFX for drones and turrets, inc. adding new explosion type for mines.
  • Order Acknowledged sound now no longer plays for every move order…
  • Tested ion storm VFX which now appears to be fully functional.
  • Some minor changes to VFX prefabs


Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes for sound — correct looping sounds in for Damage and Mending Sustained pulses, Fix applied for never ending storm sounds.
  • Fixed Orthani brains. Fixed damaged ships causing crashes.
  • Fixed Orthani Carrier spawning without attachments.
  • Can no longer use attachments after a ship has been disabled.
  • Misc map fixes.
  • Various fixes for ships sticking in environment.
  • Fixed multiple capture points visible on Capture1 mission.
  • Now instantiating the ship definition on SpawnShip so that overrides do not alter the prefab for future spawning.
  • Bug fix for Map4_Capture3.prefab ending kill all enemies objective early.
  • Bug fix for Orthani Rogue not using Buckshot weapon.
  • Fixed issue that was causing hunt targets to spawn as neutral.
  • Fixed enemies stuck in terrain on Map4.
  • ObjectiveKillMe – can now include a faction that it should check when killing everything in a faction (fixed a bug where null ships would be erroneously counted as ‘live’ ships).
  • Fix for Objectives staying on.
  • Static ship jumping direction done once for all ships.
  • Fixed bug where Carrier could be forced to target a point in space and would fire out infinite drones.
  • Fixed invisible ships bug.
  • Linked renamed right click VFX manager back up. Fixed a bunch of issues with the right-click feedback VFX
  • The Fleet Browser should no longer be at the wrong size for a frame on opening.
  • Damage VFX should no longer play when the target ship is not visible.
  • Fixed null reference exception when opening Credits Panel.
  • Fixed bug where the purchase confirm was not occurring with ships, repairs and supplies
  • Fix to stop Agro Target ignoring Forced Targeting.
  • Fixed A’kari Dreadnaught armour.
  • Fixed the IonStorm VFX
  • Fixed issues with Sustained Mending Pulse VFX (including deleting an apparent duplicate). Sustained damage pulse now uses correct VFX at correct size.
  • Corrected icon on damage sustained pulse.
  • CheaperDroneFlight can no longer affect the z-axis position of drones.
  • Weapon Attachments now aim at exact positions.
  • Turrets had accidently been set up to create a damaging explosion on death. This behaviour is intended for mines only.
  • Caught bug in pulse attachments where they could attempt to apply a modifier to a destroyed ship.
  •  Mending pulse no longer accidentally applies damage boost modifier VFX to medium-sized ships.
  •  Sustained Mending Pulse now uses correct fake projectile VFX.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this update either on our forums or on the Steam community.  You can also check out our Development Roadmap for an idea of what is still to come.

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    This is absolutely awesome. I wasn’t expecting such a big long list of improvements in such a short amount of time, with new content as well as fixes. v0.0.1.1 to v0.0.3.3!
    Haven’t played the update yet. I’m about to right now. I’ll definitely leave some feedback on the forum 😀

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