Akari Concept Art

The A’Kari

Here at Blazing Griffin, we’re committed to both reviving old titles and expanding on universe they’re set in.  Many of you will know us as custodians of The Ship: Murder Party, which we acquired the rights to in 2011.  Although our first attempt to fund a sequel (The Ship: Full Steam Ahead) via Kickstarter was unsuccessful, we have added the concept to Steam Greenlight and had a great response from fans.

Prior to The Ship’s Kickstarter campaign, we acquired the rights to Distant Star and developed Distant Star: Classic, a 4x strategy game for iOS, and as part of that development process we created quite a lot of background lore for the game.  In fact, we’ve put together an elaborate timeline for the universe, which spans over 75,000 years!

Armed with this, we were keen to begin work on the next title in the Distant Star universe, which we’ve just announced, Distant Star: Revenant Fleet – a space-based RTS game with an evolving narrative and dynamically generated galaxy.

Orthani Concept Art

The Orthani

This was a project we had hoped to begin work on sooner, however a few other projects were in the works (APB Retribution and Dino Tribes), so we’re only able to start work on the game early 2014.  Fortunately though, a lot of background work has been done on the franchise, so we were in a pretty good starting position when development begun.

Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be releasing a bit more information about the game, but those of you who read our development announcement, will recognise the images in this post – concept artwork of two of the main factions in the Distant Star universe.

These are the A’kari and the Orthani.

In Distant Star: Revenant Fleet, you take control of the last remaining ships of a near-destroyed A’kari fleet, and must rebuild your forces as you battle through ancient, galactic battlefields towards a final showdown with the Orthani. The A’kari, who are also descendants of humanity’s first foray into space, have long viewed themselves as the last, honourable vestige of the human race, and The Sacking of Mars, the A’kari birthworld, is viewed as being one of the bloodiest events in ancient history.  What the Orthani plan next in the great Triassic War will be similarly remembered for its infamy, should you fail to stop it…

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is due for beta launch late 2014.

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