After noticing a few bugs and balancing issues from let’s plays on YouTube, we decided to pull together another patch!

As always, please let us know if you spot any bugs or have specific feedback here on the Steam Forums.

– The Blazing Griffin dev team


• AI no longer wait for long periods without using attachments and should now activate their attachments more consistently.
• AI should now activate their attachments in more relevant situations.
• AI Pulsars should now prioritise the most relevant ships for their pulses.

• Increased the fleet level of all enemy fleets by 0.5. (About two Automatons, half a Lancer, quarter of a Dreadnaught.)
• Enemy ships now gain up to a maximum of three skills when danger level max, up from two.
• Pirates will now send in an ambush fleet at the start of the event “Escort from Pirate Attack” if you go into battle with them.

• Adjusted the screenshake radius of larger explosions so that players would still get screenshake they are just off screen
• Slightly increased the force applied to ship parts when they are blown off a ship.

Bug fixes:
• In the event “Defend Prison Colony”, the player was being referred to as “General”, have changed this to “Warleader”.
• Fixed issue where Orthani Command ships would sometimes spawn Akari drones. (Again! >.>)

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