This update is largely focused on improving the loot system based on the issues covered in this blog post.   There is now a chance for new ships and repairs to be added to all (non-supply) shops and generally increased the number of shops available in each sector.  This goes some way to addressing the issues relating to the availability of items to purchase – we’d love to hear your feedback on this.

Please note – saved games won’t reflect the changes in currency (shop prices will increase, but your bank balance won’t).  The system will work as normal when you start a new game.

Also in this update are a number of additions and improvements to UI & usability:

UI Update

  • Ships will now display an icon to show whether they are friendly or not.
  • All ships have a shield icon which indicates whether or not their shield is recharging and how long it will take to regenerate.
  • Clicking on an enemy ship will show an info panel which displays its class and equipped weapons & attachments.

And a number of bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing the sector and galaxy map squashing information.
  • Fixed a bug where ships would randomly ignore your attack orders.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy ships could be invincible.
  • Fixed a bug where storms caused excessive lag.

New attachments:

A number of new system and support attachments have been added.  These will allow some classes of ship to increase damage, rate of fire or repair hulls and shields as well as adding a selection of new support abilities for the Pulsar.  While there are still more attachments to come (and upgraded weapons), these go some way to adding more options in combat for your fleet and also offering new challenges to defend against.

Some of the work that has been completed with this update is in preparation for more extensive changes coming later in the month to address combat and how enemy fleets spawn in missions.  Let us know what you think of what’s changed so far.

Full Patch Notes – v0.1.2.2

Attachments & Upgrades

  • Attachment rewards will now take into account whether or not they can be attached to ships in the player’s fleet. They will only provide an unusable Attachment as a last resort.
  • Added new Attachments to shops and loot.
  • (Systems): Reinforce Shields I, Tactical Reloader I, Unstable Reloader I, Energise Weapons I, Rushed Repair I.
  • (Support): Sustained Energy Pulse I, Sustained Shield Pulse I, Breach Bomb I, Damage Pulse I, Energy Pulse I, Shield Pulse I.


Shop & Loot System

  • Added chance of ships and repairs to all (non-supply) shops.
  • Now minimum number of guaranteed shops per sector (1-2 general shops, and 1 supply shop)
  • Added new supply shop events.
  • Starting credits updated to 30000.
  • Economy update to give guaranteed cash reward, increased supply, ship and Attachment reward chance, and larger loot amounts.
  • Ships prices, Attachment prices, repair prices and supply prices have all been rebalanced to fall in line with new economy changes.
  • Reward labels adjusted to permit Supply and Credit awards up to 6 figures.


UI & Usability

  • Health bars above ships updated with faction/shield-recovery countdown info.
  • NPC Info Panel now appears when you select a non-player ship.
  • Numerous updates to NPC Info Panel including:
    • Custom text for Erebus components (rather than ‘Enemy Erebus Core’ just show ‘Erebus Core’)
    • Bar that appears above ships ‘on mouse over’ should now stay if NPC ship selected.
    • Can no longer select irrelevent map objects.
    • Can rollover the stat bars to show exact figures.
    • A description of the ship now appears when you mouse over its image.
    • Attachment icons now also show cool down.
    • Box extends to cope with very long health/shield/energy bars.
    • NPC info box no longer appears for neutral ships, shield regen icon added.
  • Added multiple new ship types (e.g. Command, Structure, Escort, Marauder, etc.) supporting NPC info panel.
  • Added new ship/structure icons for NPC info panel.
  • Refactored and improved the drawing of the Galaxy Map so it now produces nicer looking, correctly positioned and normalised graphs.
  • Mousing over the UI while targeting an Attachment returns the cursor to its default state.
  • Pulled danger level display into battlefield UI. Will display while time is paused.
  • Attachment range indicator should now move with ship.
  • Update to the Battle Report:
    • Rank up now messaged in status window.
    • Disabled now single slash out the ship icon and alphas to .5.
    • Critical now displays icon of added critical and tooltip for description.
    • Destroyed now double crosses out the ship icon and alphas to .5;
    • Survived now messages XP gain and current rank.
  • Objectives can now only be clicked with the left mouse button.  Any other buttons will be ignored.
  • Stopped save game exploit of copying and saving the save game.
  • Players can no longer close the app in the middle of a game and then reload their save to the map to skip that node.
  • Inside the capture area render there is now an option for ‘None’ which will prevent a given capture area from displaying a marker letter.
  • Tweak to the spawning alert and messages to make things a lot neater and more presentable.
  • Added the ability for Spawn by Difficulty to display a message.
  • There is a new alert on the Minimap when a friendly ship jumps in.
  • Updated the colour of the Targeting Circle to be blue to match other A’kari messaging.
  • Overhaul of options popup in order to allow setting of resolution.
  • Rebalanced structure health bars to fit in new tactical information panels.
  • Adjust tooltips on the Attachments, Minimap buttons, Credits/Supply icon and the Tactical Mode button.
  • Tweaked tooltips placement on the Fleet Browser for Credits/Supply, Skills and sockets.
  • Adjusted the map tooltip a bit.
  • Adjusted the tooltip offset for the Criticals on the Fleet Browser.
  • Tweaked tooltips placement in the Battlefield UI.


Enemy Fleets

  • Enemy fleet spawning improvements.
    • Fleets are now spaced out when spawning in properly.
    • Ships now have a spawn size in fleets set. This will cause ships to not spawn in tight clumps.
  • Updated enemy ships to use new Attachments in randomisation.
  • Added enemy Missile Drone Bay.
  • Not insignificant efficiency improvements in Drone Focus Fire script.
  • Drones now have an optional ‘don’t target me’ checkbox that is used for mines.
  • Drone Launchers now only use local enemies rather than global ones.



  • Beefed up the laser impact VFX.
  • Made the mine landing VFX larger and more obvious.
  • Orthani Drone Fleet prefab added.
  • Added new ship icons to icon atlas.
  • Added in the charge and fire sound for beam weapons. Some small tweaks to their playback to ensure correct timing and the sound will stop should the ship be destroyed.
  • Update pass on support Attachment text.
  • Updated system descriptions.
  • Updated ship descriptions.
  • Updated various Attachment icons.
  • Updates to weapon descriptions.
  • Updated main menu art.
  • Added rotation to all structures.
  • Added ambient sound to structures.
  • Added collision sounds to structures.



  • Adjusted AI approach radius to stop enemy Lurkers from moving toward the player too soon.
  • Adjusted AI target radius to stop enemy Lurkers from firing at the player too soon.
  • Reduced the range of missiles to intended values.
  • Updated hull values on damaged ship objectives to bring them in line with their non-damaged counterparts.
  • Adjusted shield heal skill to heal for more per second.
  • Updated the ranges of enemy ships so that they don’t attack player ships before they see them.
  • Reduced the sight range of Orthani and Pirate ships.
  • Reduced the sonar range of Orthani and Pirate ships.
  • Command ship should now have correct shield recharge.
  • Full minefields should appear less often.
  • Fleet optimisation for Orthani spawns.
  • Shield regeneration has been reduced on all ships.
  • Ion beams and breach beam now do minor damage to hull/shield.
  • Drones should no longer plonk their warning radius on top of defence targets (specifically anything in the Akari NPC faction).
  • A trigger can now be paused during its activation as well as it’s triggering.
  • Added the ability to set an ‘Always Include’ list up for each sector that will guarantee a set of events will appear in a given sector.


Bug Fixes

  • Skill icons no longer show in black.
  • Erebus ‘carrier pods’ should now fire drones properly.
  • Ships should no longer randomly ignore attack orders.
  • Improved ship movement: now removing invisible obstructions that were being left behind.
  • Escape Stuck changes to plug some holes (and should dramatically reduce/fix invincible ship bug)
  • Patrols now wait 2 passes of the Graph before starting pathfinding searches to ensure any dynamic terrain placed has been processed and added to the graph.
  • Switched dynamic scenery back on.
  • Don’t update in ship brain until mission started (stops things kicking off when they shouldn’t)
  • Enemies no longer spawn next to successfully escorted ships.
  • Rollovers and click-through now working again on the Fleet Bar stat information.
  • Fix for the tooltips in the map scene so that they use the tooltip trigger as opposed to displaying the tooltip directly. This allows the tooltip offset to be used.
  • Minimap now has the correct icons and alert areas for the ship jump-ins.
  • Galaxy Map now draws correctly irrespective of aspect ratio.
  • Galaxy Map now supports dynamic resizing of the window.
  • Caught bug where the destroyed ship list was never being cleared.
  • Caught bug in laser where it could try to stop a null sound.
  • Status bars no longer instantiate and lose reference to a bunch of sprites each time they are setup.
  • Updated the Shield Regen skill with correct name and description.
  • Fixed reaching the end of a patrol crash.
  • No longer getting performance spike when generating the volatile storm.
  • Fixed an insanely bright lens flare in one of the backgrounds.
  • Fixed warning from Laser script about Sound Result that was not being used.
  • Fix for dead ships not showing up in the Battle Report.
  • Fixed Erebus Platform fight – space stations were trying to jump in but they’re static.

You can buy Distant Star: Reveant Fleet on Steam for £14.99 – come join the fun!  You know you want to!

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