By the time this is published Blazing Griffin expect to have a working alpha build of Distant Star completed. The dedicated team have been driven towards this goal over the last month and have ensured each element being developed has been created to achieve this goal.

We’ve had to maintain the best communication between each section and our regular stand-up meetings have helped keep everyone on track and clearly in the picture.

It’s also great to see each element fitting together as you often cannot see the wood for the trees when you’re heading towards an alpha build. However from late last week it became clear that the completed alpha was attainable this week because every piece of art, code or design started to slot into place; delighting the team and energising the office.

So what does the alpha contain? Well the screenshots certainly give a good impression of how the game will finally look. The User Interface (UI) still needs some fine tuning but there are placeholders that can be ‘clicked’ to take you to the individual gameplay elements; allowing you to strategise at the galactic level so that your fleets can be prepared and made ready for what may lie in wait.

In the tactical game the fleets are moving effortlessly, as many noted at the Dundee event, and anyone with the pad in their hands can delight in utilising the simple controls to engage in turn based vector combat. Fighting to secure victory players can move the individual ships in their fleet, use the different weapon systems and launch packs of fighters from mother ships, attempting to fly them between the heavy munitions of larger vessels.

At the strategy level you can take control of systems, build structures on planets within these systems and use these structures to build ships, if you have the right resources. Other options to build structures will open up, helping you obtain the resources needed from the surrounding system.

Once you have a shipyard then you can start to build your defences, group the ships together and move them to undiscovered systems. Then you can uncover what is there, build more structures to support your expansion, or secure the system further. Of course you can also send your fleets against others, to try and exterminate them, or simply lie in wait.

With the alpha under our belt we’ll be looking at getting it to some groups for testing, iterating on feedback and starting to move towards the Beta.

More news on Distant Star soon.

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